Professional brand quality assurance road tiger car to teach you choose the film drop dead diva

Professional brand quality assurance way tiger car teaches you to choose the right film of the sun, heat exposure, travel abroad can not put a film of self-defense? However, the market is a wide range of different models, it is difficult to distinguish, how to choose it? Way to raise the car to let you analyze one by one, teach you choose the film. Our development has experienced five generations of technology innovation, the raw materials through a number of reforms to the current model has been developed for multilayer magnetron sputtering, the process is as follows: in the magnetron sputtering process upgrading, upgrading from the single material is sputtered multilayer materials. The material is more stable, the heat insulation effect is more obvious, and the product function is more diversified. Road tiger car was founded in 2011, has now become China’s largest automotive market after the B2C electronic business platform. Thousands of items, any consumer selection. The way tiger car since 2016 in succession, automotive, and Wanfeng auto 3M, Cooper Tire reached a strategic cooperation. Five years, the way the tiger to support the car from a sale of genuine tire business based electronic business platform, and gradually developed into a set of tires, maintenance, beauty and other product lines of the largest automotive market platform. The way tiger car always adhere to the authentic self " " philosophy, from the source to the products into the procurement of goods warehousing, logistics and distribution, to the end of the & store maintenance; maintenance, are strictly controlled to ensure that every one of consumer goods in transit to buy tiger have genuine security. Road tiger car around the electronic business platform, the way to raise the car gradually improve its car in the accessories, platforms, stores and warehousing logistics layout, to bring consumers a better quality, cost-effective products and services. The future, the way tiger car will also bring to the extremely hard, authentic, self quality car service for consumers China.相关的主题文章: