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The high standard of Puyang county to build precise poverty demonstration zone – Henan Net – people.com.cn original title: high standards of Puyang county to build precise poverty alleviation demonstration on the morning of October 7th, Puyang County West Village to Luyuan shore town organic vegetable farmer cooperatives in the bustling market, farmers are racing to the packing loading just picked loofah. The annual production of silk gourd up to 200 thousand tons, the realization of sales revenue of 150 million yuan, radiation led to the surrounding villages and towns of more than 5000 farmers planted more than 8000 mu of silk gourd. Puyang county takes the industry poverty alleviation as the main body, and creates three precise poverty alleviation demonstration zones along pupu Road, along the 106 National Highway and along the the Yellow River dike, and brings the poor households into the precise poverty alleviation and employment points in the demonstration zone, so as to ensure that every poor household can get rich and become well-off. Luyuan cooperative is along one of the Pu Qu Lu Industrial Zone on the precise poverty alleviation employment. This year, Puyang county agriculture fiscal relief funds 10 million yuan funds, with the support of precise poverty alleviation demonstration enterprise development, arrangement level finance special poverty relief funds 15 million yuan for poverty alleviation employment project awards, and plans to build industrial poverty alleviation employment 237, projects a total investment of 3 billion 370 million yuan. The development of Rural Micro Tourism along the three demonstration zones of poverty alleviation is also a bright spot in the precision poverty alleviation of Puyang county. The county along the the Yellow River levee, around the comprehensive development of the Yellow River resources, carefully designed the theme of tourism appreciation, and developed the tourism poverty alleviation projects such as water entertainment, fishing, picking, farmhouse and so on, so as to create an ecological leisure tourism and sightseeing belt in the Yellow River. (7: Huang Sha, commissioning editor Yang Xiaona)

濮阳县高标准打造精准扶贫示范带–河南分网–人民网 原标题:濮阳县高标准打造精准扶贫示范带   10月7日清晨,濮阳县子岸镇西掘地村绿源有机蔬菜农民专业合作社的交易市场内热闹非凡,菜农们正争分夺秒地把刚采摘的丝瓜装箱装车。这个合作社年产丝瓜可达20万吨,实现销售收入1.5亿元,辐射带动周边乡镇5000余户农民种植丝瓜8000余亩。   濮阳县以产业扶贫为主体,打造了沿濮渠路、沿106国道、沿黄河大堤三条精准扶贫示范带,将贫困户纳入示范带中的精准脱贫就业点,确保每个贫困户都能致富奔小康。绿源合作社就是沿濮渠路扶贫产业带上的精准脱贫就业点之一。   今年,濮阳县列支财政农业扶贫资金1000万元,支持精准扶贫示范带上的企业发展,安排本级财政专项扶贫资金1500万元,用于扶贫就业点项目奖补,并计划建设产业扶贫就业点237个,项目总投资33.7亿元。   沿三条扶贫示范带发展乡村微旅游,也是濮阳县精准扶贫的一个亮点。该县沿黄河大堤,围绕黄河资源综合开发,精心设计旅游观赏主题,开发水上娱乐、垂钓、采摘、农家乐等旅游扶贫项目建设,打造出一条黄河生态休闲旅游观光带。 7 (责编:黄莎、杨晓娜)相关的主题文章: