Qingdao old two from the home in the fall of the house, said the person who was at home in – Sohu ne chompoo araya

Qingdao two old people from the 10 floor home fall dead person son at home – Sohu news reporter Wang Hongzhi Peninsula in November 13th at about 10:30, a district near Qingdao city is booming road and Yichang Road intersection falls occurred accident, an old couple from the residents of the building 10 floors, killed on the spot, the scene too horrible to look at. After the incident, nearby residents emergency alarm. According to residents, the incident, the old man’s son at home. For the cause of falls, the police have been involved in the investigation. "Just in Yi Chang home district, a pair of old two fell from the upstairs, the people have gone." 13 am, members of the public to call the hotline hotline. After receiving the clues, the reporter immediately rushed to the scene, in a residential area on the north side of the green belt, lying two people, the scene pulled a cordon, a number of police in order to maintain order, there are several police upstairs investigation. "My car is parked at the edge of the building, I was sitting in the car, suddenly heard two muffled, originally thought of falling objects what, did not expect to look outside, see the green belt in the two lie." According to the residents, they came to see, lying on the ground is two people, there are neighbors recognize their lives on the 10 floor, 60 years old, the male legs deformed, dashed out his brains, too horrible to look at the scene. The field staff call 120, a few minutes after the ambulance arrived, the medical staff came to check, found that two per capita falls dead. Reporters saw the 10 floor living room window open, according to the introduction, the two old man is falling from here. Informed residents said the incident occurred, the son of two elderly falls and granddaughter at home, after falls, the son of the man downstairs. The reporter saw his son at the scene, while he was holding the little girl, in the company of several police, go out to buy food back. It is understood that the incident, the residents of the building opposite the site workers, who have seen the 10 floor living room window, blink of an eye, the window of the people fell off. "The two voice falls are linked together, there may be a person fall, another to pull but did not pull together, fall, there may be two people coming down." For the cause of falls, residents have speculated. Witnesses said the scene, the man who has a word with a piece of paper, the police found after taking pictures. Currently, the police are doing further investigation on the matter.相关的主题文章: