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"Reassuring Tour" attracts repeat customers (policy interpretation and focus) — the Shaanxi channel, the original title of people’s network: "reassuring Tour" attracts repeat customers. According to the report issued by the National Tourism Administration 7 days, this year, the National Day golden week, the number of tourist arrivals of 593 million people, the total tourism income of 482 billion 200 million yuan. However, on the road, visitors still have a lot of confusion: what is the one day tour is the shopping spot under the clothing, how can not be "pit"? How much is the price of the prawns? Which items should be included in the diving service, and who is responsible for the safety problem? Who does the tour guide complain about? These puzzles test the level of government management in the government during the golden week. The tropical coastal city, Sanya, Hainan, has drafted 13 normalization management methods, 11 long-term mechanism and 6 industry standards to improve the quality of urban service. The secret visits group investigated the "black seafood store" according to the tourism electricity supplier donkey mother’s "2016 National Day travel trend report". Sanya ranked the top ten destination of the long term tour during the national day. During the golden week, 612 thousand and 300 visitors were received in Sanya, up 21.01% from the same period. The average occupancy rate of hotels in Haitang Bay, Yalong Bay and Dadong sea is close to 75%. The survey data show that the first time tourists to Sanya account for 60% of tourists. The reason for the increasing number of repeat customers is, of course, closely related to the blue sky, the blue sky and the sunny sand beach in Sanya. But Jiangsu tourist Yin believes that it is more closely related to strengthening the management and management of the tourism market and improving the market order. "Who is afraid to be slaughtered everywhere, not to play well, who wants to come again?" Mr. Zhang, from Beijing, said. "Governance and development are equally important." Luo Baoming, the Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Committee, asked. In 2015, Sanya will focus on remediation project "Qike Zaike" included in the "city tourism Chaos Management" in. The "four in one" regulatory framework has been formed by the tourism police detachment, the tour court, the tourism dispute mediation committee and the 35 law enforcement departments of the brigade. "The complaints call 3 sound must be heard, the tourist police received a complaint within 1 hours must be present, the complaint must be dealt with immediately…" These management standards have been defined one by one and become the requirements of the work. During the golden week this year, the "black motorboat" illegal hunting, coral reef area of "black diving", alleged high rebate "black seafood shop" by tourist police and normalized Fangzu 11 inventory out, during the national day, total and tourism related public security case 21, 23 people in administrative detention. From October 1st to 7, 12301 work orders were accepted, including 560 tourism consulting, 371 complaints and 98.55% satisfaction rates. 12345 the appeal was 4790, and the satisfaction rate of the return visit was 97.44%. "Bad for tourists experience, not only to the passive control, but also to take the initiative to visit, to solve the problem of upgrading the city management level, where the problem occurred, where follow-up rectification." Zhang Qi, the Standing Committee of the Hainan Provincial Committee and the Secretary of the Sanya municipal Party committee, said. Before entering the golden week of standardization, Belarus’s Kang Sheng Sheng was busy. He was responsible for upgrading and promoting the Russian version 3 of Sanya tourism official website. Log in to Sanya tourism official website 3 edition. English, Russian, German and Japanese editions introduce tourist information such as restaurants, attractions, shopping spots and so on. The introduction of cruise, surfing, diving and other items is in place. The Vladimir family from Khabarovsk, Russia, has been third times to Sanya, Hainan. Not only the service "standardization", management, international marketing is also exploring the "standardization". Fan mu, director of Sanya Tourism Commission, told reporters that since 2016, Sanya has drafted and formulated the Sanya Tourism Standardization Development Plan (2016 – 2020) and Sanya Tourism Standardization incentives interim measures. For diving, seafood restaurants, travel wedding industry and other regional characteristics of the industry, before the golden week, Sanya formulated the "Sanya tour service standard" "seafood catering services" standard "seafood restaurant grading and evaluation" "standard" "wedding photography wedding service enterprise grade and evaluation" and other national the first local standards. In accordance with the "classification and evaluation" seafood restaurant grade, seafood prices can not exceed the government guidance price ceiling, 7 per catty 30 – 40 tail shrimp cannot exceed Sanya seafood seafood stall regulation of the price of 55 yuan catty, seafood restaurants adopt fair balance, 115 dark visit group YanZha Quejinshaoliang bluff and deceive. The two level travel departments of provinces and cities jointly visit and investigate and deal with the violations of the standard of diving tourism. "Forced shopping by complaint verification, the tour guide will face a maximum fine of 50 thousand yuan, the travel agency will face a fine of 300 thousand yuan limit, not worth." Huang Zhiming, the director of the tour guide service center in Sanya, told the reporter. The "eleven" period, opened in Sanya to Krasnoyarsk, Khabarovsk, Russia, Novosibirsk 3 international passenger routes from Sanya to Singapore package and 1 international routes are classes, "where do the promotion to the route, where". To carry out precision marketing in Russia, Korea, Japan, Britain and Germany, on the basis of 12 existing international routes and 3 passenger routes, the 4 hour, 8 hour and 12 hour range of travel circle is gradually forming. "During the national day, the number of inbound tourists increased by 76.3% over the same period." Fan Mu told reporters. Personalized products bring "Shuxin Tour" "a golden week holiday every year, not only to let people feel relieved, but also to make people comfortable and happy." Wu Yanjun, the mayor of Sanya, said. From scenic spots, scenic spots, "donkey friends" and "dimples", it reflects people’s demand for personalized tourism products. According to a sample survey, Sanya tourism tourists group is 79 to 21, among them, the free exercise of self driving travel accounted for 67.2%, accounting for 7.78%, 2.18% participants, offered only 18.87% tourists and families; is the individual groups of the protagonist, 2 – 3 people travel accounted for 56%. "In accordance with the requirements of the point, line and surface to promote the construction of the whole region." Liu Cigui, the governor of Hainan, asked. It is the past time to watch the sea sleep at night in the daytime. "The scene can play" expand the field, become "village can play" "city can play" "move fun" "quiet fun". The "beautiful countryside" of China and Liao opened the door to welcome guests. Hainan local tourists for the first time to the small children to Liao, "Rose field, vegetable land children are very fond of". Urban public areas have been restored to new vitality through urban repair and ecological restoration. 9 new urban parks have been added, and the urban greening area is millions of square meters. At night, the Sanya Bay sidewalk increased thousands of night races. Rural tours, marine tours, forest tours, wedding tours, and low altitude flights make people’s holiday in Sanya more colorful. "People ‘s hobby of diving is beyond imagination," Li Haiyan, the director of the Wuzhizhou Island dive, told reporters. According to Sun Dong, President of the Sanya Tourism Association, almost every hotel offers a variety of service packages in time to meet the "dimple" needs. The photography competition, the cooking experience, the Yoga project, the parent child project, the "house" in the hotel will not be boring. Bursting with popularity, how to increase people’s travel comfort? The Tourist Association staff Yu Zhiming introduced that more than 5000 volunteers served the golden week of national day, and the government department was on duty for 24 hours. In the early morning, Ye Kaizhong, director of the Haitang Bay Tourism Committee, made more than ten calls to help tourists contact the hotel. The hotel guests suddenly suffered from myocardial infarction, and the hotels, government and hospitals took part in the rescue. "On the road to comfortable travel, not to say that we have no problems, but the tourism experience problems, we must not hide the ugly, do not shield their mistakes, not paralysis, not slack, no excuse, no nonsense." Yue Jin, deputy secretary of the Sanya municipal Party committee, said. (commissioning editor Li Jing and Wang Li)

“放心游”引来回头客(政策解读?聚焦)–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:“放心游”引来回头客(政策解读?聚焦)   国庆长假一过,不少人对出游有了新体验。据国家旅游局7日发布的报告显示,今年国庆黄金周,全国旅游接待人数5.93亿人次,累计旅游收入4822亿元。   然而在路上,游客们还是有很多困惑:一日游到底哪些是景点外衣下的购物点,怎样才能不被“坑”?大虾多少钱一只算“天价”?潜水服务应该包含哪些项目,安全问题由谁负责?导游不文明找谁投诉?   这些困惑,考验黄金周期间政府相关部门治理管理的水平。热带滨海城市海南三亚,起草制定了13个常态化管理办法、11个长效机制、6个行业标准,提升城市服务质量。   暗访组查处“黑海鲜店”   根据旅游电商驴妈妈《2016国庆出游趋势报告》,三亚名列国庆期间国内长线游十大热门目的地榜首。   黄金周期间,三亚全市接待游客61.23万人次,同比增长21.01%。海棠湾、亚龙湾、大东海等地的酒店平均入住率接近75%,抽样调查数据显示,非第一次到三亚的游客在游客群体中占比60%。   回头客增多,原因当然和三亚的碧海蓝天、阳光沙滩密不可分,但江苏游客殷先生认为,更和当地加强旅游市场治理管理,市场秩序明显改善有关系。“到处怕被宰,玩得不踏实,谁还想再来?”来自北京的张先生说。   “治理管理和发展同等重要。”海南省委书记罗保铭要求。2015年起,三亚将“欺客宰客”等旅游乱象列入“城市治理管理年”的重点整治项目中。旅游警察支队、旅游巡回法庭、旅游纠纷调解委员会及35个涉旅执法部门一同,形成了“四位一体”监管架构。   “投诉电话响起3声必须接听,旅游警察接到投诉1小时内必须到场,投诉属实必须马上处理……”这些管理规范都被一一明确,成为工作要求。今年黄金周期间,“黑摩托艇”非法宰客、珊瑚礁区域的“黑潜水点”、涉嫌高额回扣的“黑海鲜店”被旅游警察、常态化暗访组一一清查出来,国庆期间,共查处涉旅治安案件21起,行政拘留23人。   10月1日―7日,12301受理工单931件,其中旅游咨询560件,投诉371件,办结回访满意率98.55%。12345受理诉求4790件,办结回访满意率97.44%。   “对于游客不良体验,不仅要被动治理,更要主动查访,让问题的解决推动城市治理管理水平提升,问题发生在哪里,整改就跟进到哪里。”海南省委常委、三亚市委书记张琦说。   标准化促进入境游   黄金周开始前,来自白俄罗斯的康津晟就忙活开了,他负责三亚旅游官方网的俄语3.0版升级上线推广工作。   登录三亚旅游官方网3.0版,英语、俄语、德语、日语版本详尽介绍餐厅、景点、购物点等旅游信息,邮轮、冲浪、潜水等项目的介绍到位规范。来自俄罗斯哈巴罗夫斯克市的弗拉基米尔一家已经是第三次到海南三亚。   不仅服务“标准化”,管理、国际营销也在探索“标准化”。三亚市旅游委主任樊木告诉记者,2016年起,三亚市起草制定了《三亚市旅游标准化发展规划(2016―2020)》和《三亚市旅游标准化奖励暂行办法》等。   针对潜水、海鲜餐饮、旅行婚礼产业等有地域特色的行业领域,黄金周前,三亚制定了《三亚一日游服务规范》《海鲜餐饮经营服务规范》《海鲜餐饮等级的划分与评定》《婚礼服务规范》《婚纱摄影企业等级的划分与评定》等全国首创的地方标准。   按照《海鲜餐饮等级的划分与评定》,海鲜售价不能超过政府指导最高限价,7日每斤30―40尾的基围虾不能超过三亚市海鲜排档海鲜品调控价格55元 斤,海鲜餐饮店统一采用“公平秤”,115个暗访小组严查缺斤少两坑蒙拐骗。省市两级涉旅部门联合暗访,查处违反《潜水旅游规范》的行为。“强制购物一经投诉核实,导游会面临最高5万元的罚款,旅行社将面临30万元上限的罚款,根本划不来。”三亚导游服务中心主任黄志明告诉记者。   “十一”期间,三亚新开了至俄罗斯克拉斯诺亚尔斯克、哈巴罗夫斯克、新西伯利亚的3条国际客包航线和三亚至新加坡的1条国际正班航线,“航线开到哪里,促销就做到哪里”。赴俄、韩、日、英、德开展精准营销,在现有12条国际正班航线和3条客包航线基础上,“4小时、8小时、12小时”航程旅游圈渐趋成形。“国庆期间,入境游客同比增长76.3%。”樊木告诉记者。   个性化产品带来“舒心游”   “每年一个黄金周假期,不仅要让人们玩得放心,更要让人舒心、开心。”三亚市长吴岩峻说。   从景区、景点旺,到“驴友”“酒窝”多,反映出人们对个性化旅游产品的需求。据抽样调查,三亚旅游接待游客散团比为79∶21,其中,自由行占67.2%,自驾游占7.78%,参会2.18%,参团仅占18.87%;家庭游客又是散客群体的主角,2―3人出行的占了56%。   “按照点、线、面的要求推进全域旅游建设。”海南省长刘赐贵要求。   白天看海晚上睡觉正在成为过去时。“景可玩”扩大领域,变为“村可玩”“城可玩”“动好玩”“静好玩”。   中廖“美丽乡村”开门迎客。海南本地游客小叶带孩子第一次到中廖,“玫瑰田、菜地孩子都很喜欢”。   城市公共区域经过城市修补、生态修复焕发新活力。新增城市公园9个,城市绿化面积数百万平方米。夜间三亚湾人行道增加了数千夜跑族。   乡村游、海洋游、森林游、婚庆游、低空飞行让人们的三亚假期更加丰富多彩。蜈支洲岛潜水负责人李海燕告诉记者:“人们对潜水的爱好超出了想象。”   据三亚旅游协会会长孙冬介绍,几乎每个酒店都适时推出形式多样的服务套餐,满足“酒窝”族需求。摄影比赛、厨艺体验、瑜伽项目、亲子项目,“宅”在酒店也不会无聊。   人气爆棚,怎样增加人们的旅游舒适度?该地旅游协会工作人员于志明介绍,超5000人次志愿者服务国庆黄金周,政府部门24小时值班。凌晨海棠湾旅游委主任叶凯中连续十几个电话帮助游客联系住处,酒店客人突发心肌梗塞,酒店、政府、医院接力救,景区排长队连夜整改。   “在通向舒心游的路上,不是说我们不会遇到问题,但旅游体验方面的问题,我们一定不遮丑、不护短、不麻痹、不懈怠、不推诿、不扯皮。”三亚市委副书记岳进说。 (责编:李静、王丽)相关的主题文章: