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Rui Ying Wulian: intelligent ZigBee technology Home Furnishing A new force suddenly rises! Sohu, science and technology Texun November 14th news: two years ago, Apple released HomeKit smart Home Furnishing platform, Google billion acquisition of intelligent Home Furnishing brand Nest, Samsung will SmartTings into the arm. Giant early approach layout, the wind seems to be up. Two years later, experienced the death of the hardware tide of smart home by the capital cold winter marketing slightly deserted. Nevertheless, according to the IT orange data show that this year still have companies to get a different round of investment. The current market with more wireless technology basically has the following: ZigBee technology, infrared technology (IrDA), HomeRF, Bluetooth (Bluetooth) and Wifi technology. In the absence of uniform standards for the Internet of things, the competition is fierce. Zigbee, BLE, WIFI, Homekit and Thread each alliance and manufacturers in the Internet of things about networking and power field is not far behind, courageously. Among the most eye-catching performance of the Zigbee standard. Natural networking and low power characteristics make it the first choice for most smart home and networking. This is in the Zigbee3.0 standard after the announcement, the performance is more prominent. At the same time, more and more Chinese enterprises began to join the ZigBee alliance. The domestic market has found that ZigBee technology is more and more important, and Chinese company in the development of ZigBee participation is also more and more high, Rui Ying Wulian also joined the League two years ago. According to the global ZigBee activation equipment market 2016-2020 report analysis shows that the global ZigBee activation equipment market in the period 2016-2020 CAGR of 29.73%. Silicon Labs recently announced that the company’s ZigBee chip shipments have reached 100 million pieces. Rui Ying Silicon Labs as a strategic partner, the market demand may now hope to docking with Google’s Nest ecosystem, but may then be hope to do docking ecosystem and Samsung Smart Things. That is to do two sets of completely different products, or the product itself can be compatible with different ecosystems, through different means (such as gateway interface) to do this part is not ideal? We have to do is to strengthen the ZigBee technology, and constantly improve the products and programs." Rui Ying Wulian responsible person said, "the company early accumulation of a large number of customers have been stepping up research trip. In particular, RG4100 gateway products, and Ali cloud, QQ and other Internet giants signed a ZigBee HA standard agreement, the major manufacturers have to follow up the customer products. We have been trying to cooperate with the Internet giant to build intelligent ecosystem, is the hope of fusion on the market access standard ZigBee products through the gateway interface protocol, can let the customer development work easier and lighter]相关的主题文章: