Samsung is no longer alone foreign friends iPhone 7 also exploded (video)

Samsung is no longer alone foreign friends iPhone 7 explosive Tencent digital news (blue) Samsung recently due to the GALAXY Note 7 battery explosion incidents get scorched by the flames but now apple, seems to be the biggest beneficiary is in trouble, because the advent of the new 7 iPhone also appeared the explosion. The day before the foreign friends Kroopthesnoop in the well-known Reddit forum posting said, my colleagues bought a iPhone 7 on the Internet, but the receipt turned out to be a "wreck" mobile phone seems to be in the process of transporting the explosion, which is known as the world’s first iPhone 7 bombings. IPhone7 finally exploded! It is worthy of Samsung’s "good friends" iPhone 7 explosion said in a well-known forum posting by foreign friends Kroopthesnoop Reddit and his colleagues bought a iPhone7 on the Internet, but after the receipt of the mobile phone turned out to be a "wreck". At the same time from the friends of the photos, this iPhone 7 seems to be an explosion, touch screen has been tilted, and the fuselage has been separated, and there are obvious traces of burning. However, the users did not the explosion of iPhone 7 for more details, just said "no, but at least the packaging fire" for users to ask what happened, Kroopthesnoop said: "I’m not sure, but should be a factory or transit out of the question". As the user updated the post, said Apple has contacted his colleagues, promised to replace a new phone. In addition, unlike the Samsung GALAXY Note 7 in the domestic explosion caused a great disturbance, foreign users of the iPhone 7’s "first fried" seems to be more calm, as the only posted 93 messages at present, look no "enraged" situation. IPhone 6 charging explosion it is worth mentioning that, in the iPhone 7 appeared shortly after the explosion, the netizen "tenants" in Post Bar posting said, their iPhone 6 when in charge also exploded and released from the photos, and iPhone mobile phone after the explosion of 7 is somewhat similar, the same is the touch screen and body separation, the back part of the apple Logo burning traces, and the user’s fingers and temples there are signs of injury, and then burn out sheets two holes. Only the users also did not disclose more detailed information, only said data lines and their charging head are original, never touched, so at least it seems with no use of original accessories, and similar to iPhone 7 "debris", also from another side that foreign iPhone 7 did not explode "false", indeed in some cases there has been an explosion of. Black paint seriously, of course, whether it is iPhone 7 or iPhone 6 explosion, the details are now revealed are relatively limited, so it can not be confirmed in the end.相关的主题文章: