Shenyang today and Ming’s temperature big dive is the lowest from 4 to 6.-brock lesnar

The temperature of Shenyang today is 4 to 6 degrees. When it comes out, it’s necessary to keep warm when going out in the morning or late. After Friday, the temperature gradually rises. Although the rain and rain from yesterday night to today is not large, the next 4 to 5 north wind will blow down the air temperature. In the daytime, the highest temperature in Shenyang will fall to about 20 degrees centigrade, and the lowest temperature at night is about 6. This time the cooling is rapid and large, and we must add clothes in time. Although the weather is sunny Wednesday, but in the continuing impact of cold air, the temperature will continue to decline, the highest temperature to 16 degrees, the minimum temperature is only 4 degrees. This Thursday, the south wind returned, the highest temperature barely returned to 19 degrees centigrade. It is expected that after Friday, the temperature will rise as the cold air goes away. In general, the temperature of Shencheng will have a decrease of -10 C at 8 C, affected by medium strength cold air this week. In particular, the weather will become very cool in the morning and evening. It is suggested that you must adjust the dress in time according to the weather change. When sleeping at night, keep warm, close the doors and windows, prevent cold and other diseases. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Lv Jia 沈阳今明气温“大跳水”最低4℃至6℃   早晚出门要注意保暖,周五后气温才逐渐“抬头”   虽然昨天夜间到今天白天的这场雨雨量不大,但紧随而来的4—5级北风将会吹低气温。今天白天,沈阳市区的最高气温将降至20℃左右,夜间的最低气温在6℃左右。此次降温迅速且幅度较大,大家一定要及时增添衣物。   周三天气虽然会转晴,但在冷空气的持续影响下,气温将持续下滑,最高气温降至16℃,最低气温仅有4℃。本周四南风回归,最高气温勉强回到19℃上下,预计周五之后,随着冷空气的离去,气温才会逐渐抬升。   总体来说,本周受中等强度冷空气影响,沈城气温将有8℃-10℃的下降。尤其是早晚天气会一下子变得很凉,建议大家一定要根据天气变化及时调整着装。晚上睡觉时要注意保暖,关好门窗,防止着凉患上感冒等疾病。   沈阳晚报、沈阳网记者 吕佳相关的主题文章: