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SVCAngelFund:2017, AI will lead the early investment in Silicon Valley – Sohu technology two days before the election results shocked the United states. The hopes of Silicon Valley’s tech giants have come to an end and investors are worried about the future of Silicon Valley. In the future, the situation in the United States is not clear, the 2017 cross-border investment trends? What areas have the greatest potential for development? Reporters interviewed the Silicon Valley early investment fund SVC Angel Fund partner Roy management, access to the 2017 Silicon Valley investment direction of the first hand information. Trans / China cross-border continued, the market tends to be rational China securities according to the reported data show that the first half of the number of Chinese venture capital market case 2016 year-on-year decline of 33.3%, the disclosure of the case amount fell by 12.5%. 2017, China’s domestic investment trend in the past year is likely to continue to slow down, the capital will tend to be rational, investment will return to specialization. However, the trend of Chinese capital into Silicon Valley will continue. According to the Wall Street Journal reported on August, this wave of capital from Chinese companies and individuals, is likely to have a profound impact on the future of Silicon Valley venture capital environment. According to incomplete statistics, the number of funds now owned by the Chinese capital of Silicon Valley has reached 50. Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge technology and healthy entrepreneurial environment for Chinese capital has a strong appeal, the future of more capital will continue to enter the Silicon Valley, Roy said. For all of the world’s capital, looking for the possibility of entry into the cross-border market is a future trend. On the Sino US market, the Chinese capital cross-border investment in the United States, but also more emphasis on the possibility of combining the project with the Chinese market and the possibility of application in order to provide added value. In addition, people need to pay attention to investment, cross-border will become an important investment direction. The development of various types of technology means that there will be more cross industry integration in the future. "The age of the Internet, a lot of things in itself can be commercialized," said Roy, "but in today’s era, a lot of depth of technology, such as AI, he is to do business, must do the integration of industry and technology." He believes that as AI, AR VR, big data and other hot technology in recent years, the need to combine with specific industries, in order to truly occupy considerable market. Early investment in three major trends: AI, AR VR, automotive technology since the last century, the semiconductor industry for the first time since the explosive growth, the latest technology all over the world can quickly find in Silicon Valley to grow in the soil, and in the early investment market next year, Roy optimistic about the following three trends. First, artificial intelligence (AI) boom will continue. Although the technology is still early, but the characteristics of artificial intelligence technology means that it can bring a variety of business applications after the help. This will have a huge impact on the application of various industries, including manufacturing, medical diagnosis, investment analysis, etc.. Its promising future will attract more capital.相关的主题文章: