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Taiwan Denver Pingtan cross-border electricity supplier scale – China News Agency in Fuzhou on 18 November, Beijing (Lin Chunyin) "we will use Pingtan’s geographical advantage, with the help of Taiwan Taoyuan Airport resources, efforts to build Pingtan into the international express distribution center and logistics center." Limited by Share Ltd. The free trade zone in Pingtan preparatory office representative Xie Chenghai recently told China News Agency reporter said. The day before, Pingtan – Taipei air transport logistics channel with a successful maiden. The channel by the Taiwan company and the Pingtan Port Liability Company invested Farglory "and" Xin ", and" and "and" No. 3 cargo ship, the port for the route to Taipei port, Pingtan port, port Matsu forWool, plans were 20 month voyage voyage, the lunar shipment volume of more than 2000 tons. Xie Chenghai said that the main channel of Taiwan to the mainland business including two-way express business, and "Pingtan port – Taipei port – Taoyuan International Airport – Airport" air transport express business, the channel entered a substantive operation stage. The same day, Zhan Yizhe in Taiwan he founded the Pingtan crown from the public record number of public social space, with a set of data message to Pingtan business to the Taiwan youth: 1-10 months of this year, Pingtan Local Taxation Bureau comprehensive experimentation area relief Small and micro businesses corporate income tax 2 million 358 thousand and 700 yuan (RMB, same below), the number of small and micro surface into enjoy preferential the enterprise has doubled compared to last year, reaching 1712. From 2014 as a cross-border electricity supplier pilot cities began, Pingtan vat for small and micro enterprises, stamp duty and corporate income tax and other preferential policies landing. In addition to taxes, due to a number of comprehensive experimentation area, FTA test area and benefit from Pingtan custom preferential policies also frequently landing. Pingtan experimentation area, cross-border Office official said that this year, has been assigned to the park, the cross-border electricity supplier industry to build cross-border electricity trading platform or distribution platform, cross-border electricity supplier in Pingtan public service platform, the cross-border electricity supplier in bonded trading center operators and other enterprises to award grants and subsidies to enterprises, warehousing and logistics costs. Fujian cross-border Agel Ecommerce Ltd assistant general manager and operations director had Weipin believes that these "solid" preferential subsidies from the whole industry chain, to cross-border electricity providers and integrated service providers on hand, reduce the cost of business operations, the development of Pingtan electricity supplier ecosystem overall situation is good. In the policy driven, Pingtan cross-border electricity environment build early scale. At present, Australia before the logistics park has been built, reached 9000 square meters, the second half of 2017 will increase to more than 70 thousand square meters; located in Jin Jing Wan cross-border electricity supplier logistics park new cross-border electricity trading center has already begun operations in the middle of the year; own brand "Taiwan products purchase" cross-border electronic business platform released a beta version. Logistics convenient and efficient customs clearance of the Pingtan speed, is steadily increasing. At the end of October, Pingtan officially launched cross-border direct purchase business, the first single direct purchase business from Taiwan, Paul, 92 pieces of imported commodities and food in Pingtan, the new centre for cross-border supervision by the customs, inspection and quarantine personnel on-site inspection after release. "Pingtan speed"相关的主题文章: