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Tammy Chen Chiang Mai bride tears in the scene said goodbye to her parents en – Beijing, Beijing, September 26, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that Tammy Chen and Xue Boren wedding held in Chiang Mai today, the 26 day selected congratulation at 11 in the morning, the wedding held on time in Chiang Mai, originally claimed never nervous Tammy Chen, farewell to the parents, finally could not help the tears in the scene. This morning, as the United States medical executive Xue Boren in order to marry ceremony, a night of tension to can’t sleep, but friends bestie Tammy Chen have decided to come up with a thousand tricks to the whole of him, when the bridesmaid Cheryl Lord, choose 3 games "love password", the answer is 926 (the wedding day), "love the memory test, column 10 of the bride, groom did not think second questions wrong, punishment is wearing high heels to walk, when the girls work experience! Asked the most like the bride’s 10 reasons, he answered within 30 seconds, he replied, "lovely, filial piety, beautiful, kind, humorous, can sing, etc.". The third is the wife of the code for the love of reading, "the groom and the best man to shout:" Tammy, I LOVE YOU~ "smile to the scene friend Le Taotao in the hurdles final, Xue Boren flow sweating kneeling in front of Tammy Chen, like a prince princess shoes like to help pick up the shoes to help Tammy Chen when the bride wear, but naughty let him catch the foot, so cute move, let hi atmosphere to the extreme, Xue Boren eventually married to a beautiful woman! After the game, Tammy Chen parents are reluctant to leave, the father said to her: "I hope the two together, the most important is a said of a couple, healthy, safe and sound". My daughter replied: "Mom and dad want to take good care of your body".相关的主题文章: