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Teacher revealed the secret of family education, regret to see late! This is the father of a newborn child, but also a senior high school teacher. He shared about the interest in learning, teaching, scores and other aspects of views. In the end he mentioned: what is the role of education, is the parents to attention, and look forward to watch, the timely removal of weeds and pests in the trees beside the trees uprooted when a dangerous situation, the first time to Fuzheng him, and not spoil things by excessive enthusiasm. Our country, never lack of educational theory, has never lacked the atmosphere of education, parents pay attention to the passion of children’s education, the rise of the people. The book about educational theory in the bookstore has a half wall, half of WeChat’s circle of friends is about children’s education…… We really do not lack the education theory, we lack the excellent education operator. The children all have differences, but our parents always want to take a shortcut, do not think, copy, I hope this is not a lot. I agree with the views of Professor Qian Wenzhong of Fudan University: I do not believe that education is happy, please do not give in the name of love for children. The child is from the earth there is a never "subspecies" humans appear in this species since, in human history, never have so many brothers and sisters who have in such a short period of time, there are plans to appear in a country. Do not think that they are the same as us, they are different from us, maybe even different. Now a lot of family ethics is upside down, at home is not my father, but the son said. My students, at home, the parents say the child’s academic performance is generally very good, higher moral conduct. "You eat my drink I use my, why don’t listen to me"! PA often so reprimanded the child, in the end, the parents became the father of learning tyrants. Facts have proved that, in family education, the parents of a person in the family, the child is very high rate of. Democracy in the family, it is necessary to develop slowly, when the child’s cognitive level and parents close, we can discuss, reach an agreement, so that children understand that democracy is not easy to come by. Many parents in the guise of democracy under the banner of love to educate their children, this is indulgence, a minor defeat of adults, the results are quite terrible. Don’t believe in learning to be happy. High end learning is boring, not hate is interest. Think that learning is a happy little, if there is happiness, that is, through the study of a high score of happiness. If a person is happy in his studies, he is likely to become a master. Most people are not. The vast majority of people have to learn, for some purpose to learn. Therefore, the quality and will is a real good teacher. Believe that our children belong to one of the majority. What is the joy of learning? There must be a painful component of learning, which is self-evident. Good grades are basically from students’ good habits, what time on what, one day accidentally days and months multiplying, he became.相关的主题文章: