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Tear in the end? Xiong Dailin exposure marriage Aaron Kwok when Dad? The text of the Sina column of water fun entertainment bus 27, Xiong Dailin announced the marriage hearing in micro-blog, the statement is only a simple word, "we got married". Users have a message, I wish happiness for a long time, goddess congratulations, blessing, very beautiful". Xiong Dailin’s husband is Hongkong actor Kenix Kwok Guo song’s younger brother, engaged in export trade business, served as director of the 5 companies, the family sitting on billions of assets. Friends joked: without Aaron Kwok, Xiong Dailin is still "Mrs. guo". Speaking of the former, the communication between Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok in the past 7 years has never been publicly acknowledged in 2013, after the two broke up, Aaron Kwok also to wear shoes on "to describe this relationship," like a pair of shoes doesn’t fit, feet are often uncomfortable, you may want to change a pair of comfortable shoes, hard to only bleed again, the wound can not heal, to find another better." In the single for 1 years and 8 months later, Xiong Dailin and Guo song at the end of 2014 to wipe out the fire. Compared with the former a relationship secretive mode, Xiong Dailin in this relationship is no longer love grievance, and have the absolute right to speak. Some people break up after a few strangers, but also continue to be friends, but also some seemed to become a pair of lovers. The fool thinks Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok are friends. Xiong Dailin got no points with Aaron Kwok for 7 years, was also said to the wrong shoes to break up, all women in general can not stand wow. I want to hold a certain Xiong Dailin belly hatred, everywhere to prove that Aaron Kwok do not treasure their own is a mistake, don’t own a network than red, and they also have a lot of people pursue. So, Xiong Dailin and Aaron Kwok break up more than a year after the end of 2014, Taiwan travel photos after exposure to Xiong Dailin directly admitted affair in December last year, micro-blog; Aaron Kwok in the sun soon and gentle hand as the public affair, Xiong Dailin in micro-blog and sun Guo song wear shoe lovers foot a close-up, can think of Guo song his toe, even to attack the former girlfriend, Guo song also actively cooperate. This time, too, Xiong Dailin married immediately announced the marriage, but there are also netizens immediately broke the news in October 26th that king Aaron Kwok’s birthday, with his girlfriend Fang Yuan to buy the wedding rings, witnesses said two people on the spot with direct show of affection. And two people in the purchase has been talking his girlfriend Fang Yuan suspected pregnant fetal education. Fuck! Ginger or old spicy, Guo Wang to be a father, or faster. Don’t know Xiong Dailin can swallow this tone? Disclaimer: This article represents only the author’s point of view and does not represent the position of sina相关的主题文章: