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The 12 year old girl hospital found that it was abducted and sold after the alarm of the hospital. The Hebei channel, the original title of the people’s Web: 12 years old, the girl was kidnapped and sold to the hospital under the escort of a man and a woman. The doctor doubted the girl’s age and put a question mark on the medical record. (Chen Rujian, commissioning editor: Wang Hong) original title: 12 year old girl was abducted to be seized (Ru Jian, Chen commissioning editor: Wang Hong) 12岁女孩医院做产检 医院报警后发现其被拐卖–河北频道–人民网 原标题:12岁做产检女孩系遭拐卖 女孩在一男一女陪同下到医院产检。 医生对女孩年龄产生怀疑,在病历上打上问号。 (责编:王红、陈汝健) 原标题:12岁做产检女孩系遭拐卖 (责编:王红、陈汝健)相关的主题文章: