The 80 thousand yuan fine in S5 engine power plan new life meyou

The 80 thousand yuan fine in S5 engine power plan a new life at present, the compact SUV market can be described as "stars" gathered, each big brand competition intensified, especially in the 80 thousand level of the price range, competition is brutal, only true quality models can dominate the talent shows itself. As a compact SUV mainstream market selling models, the appearance of hippocampal S5 smart agitation, strong power output, both comfortable and intelligent control movement configuration can provide rich leapfrog, Neiwaijianxiu, all consumers leapfrog products, is the compact SUV market rare boutique models, especially in the power, high power combination in hippocampus S5, strong to fly, "80 thousand strong power SUV" it is! Here, all the strength together with small identification of hippocampal S5! The golden power of hippocampal S5 wild hippocampal S5 whole system including 1.6L+5MT, 1.5T+CVT, 1.5T+6MT, three kinds of combination of power spectrum, setting effort focusing. The 1.6L naturally aspirated engine equipped with VIS variable intake system, VVT variable valve timing system, E-GAS electronic throttle leapfrog technology, maximum power 90kW, maximum torque of 160N· m, 5MT, strong power output; the transmission gear ratio is clear and accurate, to create the ultimate driving at the same time, can achieve fuel economy the. 1.5T+CVT double T gold powertrain more prominent advantages: 1.5T turbocharged engine with Berg Warner class turbo technology, maximum power 120kW, maximum torque output can reach 223N – m at the speed of 1800-4000rpm interval; matched with the Belgian CVT gearbox power output without the sense of frustration with the platform sensitive, fit a variety of engine operating conditions, power on. According to the measured data show that the hippocampus S5 1.5T engine broke out in the initial stage will be able to speed up 0.4g, 100 km accelerated only 10.34s, and Harvard H6, trumpchi GS4, Po Chun 560 mainstream compact SUV hundred kilometers acceleration are more than 11s! In this regard, the hippocampus S5 when called 80 thousand level SUV super power play"! The top control hippocampal S5 rigid and soft S5 in hippocampus after the five connecting rod type four wheel independent suspension design using the Mcpherson type +, four wheel independent suspension structure can significantly enhance driving comfort, reduce the stress from the pavement before and after the direction of the upper and lower roll vibration, improve due to uneven stress caused by the. But before and after the use of large size stabilizer bar, provide a powerful guarantee for the overall rigidity of hippocampal S5, the requirements of comfort and stability requirements of the "soft" "just" to create a perfect fusion of hard and soft texture manipulation, and the Japanese TEIN company Tian Yu International Standard and professional chassis tuning up high strength test of 3 million 876 thousand kilometers, the hippocampus S5 chassis reached the top level in the same level of competing products. The ultimate technology of intelligent intelligence S5 in the hippocampus on the security configuration, 80 thousand yuan of the hippocampus began to have ABS+EBD, HH, S5!相关的主题文章: