The black bear is roasted alive Sichuan Forestry Department hit villagers, after burning Pibi-shishangqiyi

The black bear is roasted alive? Sichuan Forestry Department: hit villagers, after burning Pibi network spread Sichuan Liangshan black bear captured photos of a Bear Mountain was lost, Daliang village after the fire escape people alive? According to the network rumors, 10:29 on November 8th, the Sichuan provincial forestry department in its official micro-blog rumor said that the bear into the village to attack people killed by the local forest police; in order to avoid the bear products into the market, by the local authorities before burning. November 8th, Sichuan, Liangshan, a black bear was burned micro-blog news circulated on the internet. In the picture attached to the message, a black bear was caught, and there was a burning picture. There are users in the micro-blog said: "the bear mountain village was lost, cold fire escape people alive". The 8 day at 10:29, the Forestry Department of Sichuan Province, the official micro-blog news and micro-blog forward responded that the bear to the local villages to attack people, in order to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the villagers, the local forest police killed the bear. In order to avoid the influx of bear products market, the local authorities to carry out its incineration and re buried. After the black bear was burned, Leibo County Forest Public Security Office, a staff member told surging news, the site of the incident in Sichuan County, Liangshan Province Rural Village shop in the field. According to the staff, in November 2nd, the black bear had entered the village of a village bite a foot, and the black bear is the place where children go to school in the village. The staff said that the 2 day the matter will be reported to the provincial forestry department, by the Ministry to make arrangements: immediately killed the bear, destroyed on the spot. A staff member of the Sichuan Provincial Forestry Department of Wildlife Conservation Department to surging news confirmed that the Ministry as early as 8, it is found that the network transmission of messages. After verification, the Ministry official micro-blog forwarding network transmission of image information is true, the bear was killed on November 2nd. "This is the emergency treatment in accordance with the law in accordance with normal procedures to make," the Department of forestry protection department staff said, the reason to be killed is because black bears have been harmful to the villagers for safety; treatment of burning bodies, in order to avoid the bodies buried after criminals dug into bear products, cause disease. The staff also introduced, from the photos to see the body, the black bear is a sub adult bear, but only on the basis of the photos can not confirm the approximate age, but an attack on an adult is completely no problem". (surging News)相关的主题文章: