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New car price 100 thousand yuan female car owners to give up "I ordered the car in less than two months to two months, the price is reduced by 100 thousand yuan, a psychological gap is too great, now I’m not going to mention the car, the other bad attitude, please help me about mediation. See if you can give me back a deposit back." Recently, Yiwu citizen Miss Shi dialed the Yiwu market supervision bureau consumer complaint hotline to complain about a brand car 4S store in Yiwu. It is understood that the end of May this year, Miss Shi in Yiwu a certain brand of automobile 4S stores a fancy new SUV, and signed a contract with the Car Buying 4S shop, on the spot to pay a 50 thousand yuan deposit. The two sides agreed in June 20th before delivery vehicles, consumers overdue car to deduct liquidated damages in the deposit, not to mention the car for more than 15 days, the deposit will not be refunded. "I work because of the relationship, to go abroad for a long time, until the end of August before returning home." Miss Shi said that after returning home, she went to 4S shop to pick up a car. As a result, she found that the price of the same off-road vehicle was 100 thousand yuan lower than that at the beginning. The car did not open one day, to pay a large sum of money, Miss Shi is very difficult to accept, and communicate with the 4S shop staff, hoping to reduce the price or return the deposit, but the 4S shop staff attitude, completely refused to compromise. Yiwu Market Supervision Bureau immediately organized supervision after the two sides face to face mediation. The person in charge of the 4S shop has brought the purchase contract signed with Miss Shi, and the contract does agree on the date of the lift, the liquidated gold and other related matters. "The car in June 9th to the store, 4S shop staff repeatedly to contact the consumer car, the consumer has not fulfilled the contract until the beginning of September, not to mention that car." The person in charge said that the 4S store has also suffered a lot of loss, from the manufacturer to take the car after the 4S shop has paid the car, and has been responsible for the bank interest costs. As for vehicle price reduction, it is a sales promotion method of the manufacturer. And the car is adjusted to the store before the price. The 4S shop and the manufacturer also settle the price according to the price before adjusting the price. The loss of 4S shop is much larger than that of Miss Shi’s 50 thousand yuan deposit. In the end, the staff patiently mediation, the two sides could not agree on a price for the car, Miss Shi decided to retire the car, 4S shop will also miss Shi after the Car Buying reported to the company, finally agreed to refund the deposit 10 thousand yuan miss shi. The Yiwu market regulator reminds consumers that the risk of price fluctuations should be fully taken into account when buying large goods. At the same time, the rights and obligations of the two parties must be clear before the contract is signed. In case of special circumstances, it is necessary to communicate and negotiate in time to minimize the loss caused by breach of contract.

订的车不到两个月降价10万元 女车主放弃提车“我订的车不到两个月时间,价格就降低了10万元,心理落差实在是太大,现在我不打算提车了,结果对方的态度特别差,请你们帮帮忙调解一下,看能不能给我退点定金回来。”近日,义乌市民施小姐拨通了义乌市场监管局消费者投诉举报热线,投诉义乌某品牌汽车4S店。据了解,今年5月底,施小姐在义乌某品牌汽车4S店看中了一款新上市的越野车,并与4S店签订了购车合同,当场支付了5万元定金。双方约定6月20日前交付车辆,消费者逾期提车需在定金中扣除违约金,超过15日不提车的,定金将不予退还。“我因为工作的关系,出国了一段时间,直到8月底才回到国内。”施小姐说,回国后她马上前往4S店提车,结果到车行一看,发现同款越野车的定价比当初足足降了10万元。一天没开的车,要多付一大笔钱,施小姐很难接受,于是与该4S店工作人员沟通,希望降低车价或者退回定金,但是4S店工作人员态度强硬,完全不肯让步。义乌市场监管局后宅监管所立即组织双方当面调解。4S店的负责人带来了当初与施小姐签订的购车合同,合同上确实约定了提车日期、违约金等相关事宜。“车子6月9日就到店里了,期间4S店工作人员多次联系消费者提车,消费者一直未履行合同约定,直到9月初才说车不提了。”该负责人说,4S店也承受了不少损失,从厂家提车后4S店垫付了车款,并一直承担银行利息等费用。至于车辆降价,是厂家促销手段,而且这辆车是调价前到店的,4S店与厂家也是按调价前的价格进行结算,算起来4S店的损失还远大于施小姐的5万元定金。最终,在工作人员的耐心调解下,双方还是无法就车价达成一致意见,施小姐决定退车,4S店也将施小姐的购车经过向上级公司汇报,最终同意退还施小姐定金1万元。义乌市场监管局提醒广大消费者,购买大件商品时,应充分考虑到价格波动的风险。同时,在签订合同前,一定要明了双方的权利和义务。如遇特殊情况无法履约的,应及时沟通协商,尽量减轻因违约造成的损失。相关的主题文章: