The driver left rear end before the risk of car driver lifts 2.5 hours with the rescue easeljs

The driver left rear end before the risk of car driver lifts 2.5 hours with the rescue in September 14th at 11 pm, with the rear end accident happened at 368KM high speed downlink nanluo Taihe period, a large truck rear end in front of the truck, the driver was trapped, due to the collapse of the driver, the body floating, touching is the front driver drill into the car body has been lifted the injured driver for 2.5 hours until the end of the rescue. After receiving the alarm, the jurisdiction of high-speed traffic police, 120 ambulance, fire and other forces rushed to the scene. The scene was very messy, a red freight car parked on the roadside, the car body scattered on the ground, serious damage to the car body. After investigation, the driver and the driver were trapped in front of the driver, and the scene 120 immediately implemented the first aid to the seriously injured driver. Because of the collapse of the car, the stuck driver’s body is very dangerous. While his body, a man with his own body force holds him. After rescue, soon after the car was successfully rescued deputy driver, but fortunately did not hinder. The car was badly damaged, and the driver postural rescue, before the car drivers have been physically lifted in the rescue process, with the rescue. Finally, the driver was the successful rescue, the lift time lasted nearly 2.5 hours. After understanding, the former car is from Henan to Nanjing, after the car is from Hubei to Shandong, do not want to happen, but fortunately, everyone is not life risk. Xiong Fubao Li Yanjun, the Anhui financial market star network reporter Yang Wenyi original title: Taihe: rear front driver driver suspension lifts rescue editor: Nie Jing

追尾司机悬空危险 前车司机托举2个半小时配合救援   9月14日晚间11点左右,南洛高速下行太和段368KM处发生一起追尾车祸,一辆大货车追尾前方货车,司机被困,由于车头塌陷,司机身体悬空,感人的是前车司机钻入车内一直用身体托举受伤司机2个半小时直至救援结束。   接到报警后,辖区高速交警、120救护、消防等力量赶到了现场。现场十分狼藉,一辆红色货车停在路边,车体构建散落一地,车体损毁严重。经过勘察,车头内司机和副驾驶被困,现场120立即对伤势较重的驾驶员实施急救。   由于车头坍塌,被卡住的司机身体悬空,十分危险。而他的身下,一名男子正在用自己的身体用力托举着他。   经过救援,很快后车副驾驶被成功救出,所幸没有大碍。由于车头损毁严重,加之司机姿势不便救援,前车司机在救援过程中一直用身体托举,配合救援。最终,司机被成功救援,整个托举时间持续近2个半小时。   后经了解,前车是从河南前往南京,后车是从湖北开向山东,不想发生事故,所幸,众人都没有生命危险。熊付宝 李艳军 市场星报 、安徽财经网记者 杨文艺   原标题:太和:追尾司机悬空 前车司机托举救援   编辑:聂静相关的主题文章: