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The competition in the tourism market is fierce. The price of Chinese cabbage has been exploded and sold at the end of the year. The competition in the tourism market is fierce. Reporters from the latest routes to understand that the two or three line cities direct overseas routes increased by 60%, air tickets ushered in Chinese cabbage price. See Guangzhou Daily reporter correspondent Lin Quan Jie and Chen Shuming, the reporter, only one month in July, the Civil Aviation Administration of China approved domestic and foreign airlines 132 new routes, but whether domestic or foreign aviation enterprises, will focus on the layout of domestic such as Kunming, Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhanjiang city two or three lines, has accounted for over 60%. Airlines continue to seize the two or three line city direct overseas market, benefit directly or traveling public, convenient, and directly contributed to the tour prices, such as China Eastern Airlines opened Kunming to San Francisco route, Sichuan Airlines opened Chengdu to Prague direct flight line etc.. The overall price will decline outbound travel industry also said, with domestic and international enterprises in the two or three and four line city layout intensified, coupled with the original first-tier cities are constantly adjusted more models to fly, make travel agency procurement is more diversified, not to transport the products will be more and more popular and the most important is cheaper. In particular, some lines start directly from the two or three line cities, reducing the cost of round-trip to the first tier cities, and the overall outbound travel price will further decline. The off-season of the tourism market plus the ticket price of Chinese cabbage once again stimulates the desire of "buying and buying", especially from Thanksgiving to new year, which is the most popular sales promotion time in Europe and America at the end of the year. "Of course, because of the fierce competition of the business, many brands began to discounted gradually in November, and in January next year the discount is also very serious." Ceng Dafeng, deputy director of the planning and promotion center of the Nanhu national brigade planning and promotion center, told the reporter. It is reported that in order to add more power to the year-end shopping discount season, Messi, a veteran shopping malls such as the US Department store, also put down their olive branches and sent out 888888 yuan worth of cash coupons to Chinese tourists. Insiders say that the huge purchasing power of Chinese tourists is an important force that every country can’t ignore. All countries are resorting to various ways to attract Chinese tourists to travel at the end of the year. The "flying" shopping line in the tourist market is the off-season of tourism from the day after the national day and the Spring Festival next year. For the rich and idle retirees and white-collar workers who are in urgent need of annual leave, this nearly 4 months is the best time to go. Nanhu International Travel Planning Promotion Center Deputy Director Ceng Dafeng said, especially in the high-end hotel by Official business expenses limit, the global economy is weak, the ruble devaluation of the pound, and the two or three lines of the city to increase overseas routes, which constitute the basic elements of the outbound travel cost is greatly reduced, can be said that this year the off-season outbound prices reached a record low. Plus the end of Europe and the United States, Dubai, Japan and South Korea and other large shopping festival, is to stimulate the old exit buy buy buy desire. Reporters from the Beijing road travel street to travel not only to prepare a detailed shopping guide for the old, but also for the keen to buy buy buy citizens launched a "flying" line, such trips to 6~9 days, only Hugh 3 days can be attached to a crazy weekend shopping tour, but 4 people can be together, such as Paris, Rome, Milan six days six days, to the new tide of the Versace brand to six days in Dubai, and the Dubai DUBAI MALL District Six days. The city a large travel agency, from the tour Europe and Dubai tourism passenger line, from which 1000 people signed up to do a survey, the first is to attract people to sign up low discount price and the end of the year, the white-collar workers aged 30 ~35 the most popular in Dubai, 50 years old ~60 years old retired people most popular in Europe and North america. For retirees, the 6 day line is relatively short, they prefer the 9 day line in North America, while white-collar workers prefer the 6 day line because of their work. Before the investigation into the multi brand hotel group "war" era near the National Day golden week, the hotel industry is particularly calm. Since the recent Marriott International Group announced the completion of the merger of Starwood, Hua Hua Hotel Group also said at the annual franchisee conference that when the financing cost is low enough, it will not exclude a series of mergers and acquisitions. In addition to "buy and buy", the hotel group has made efforts to upgrade its brand of software and hardware, striving to subdivide the huge user market. This month 24 news, Marriott International Group said (NASH Stock Code: MAR) has completed the acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts International Group, becoming the largest hotel group in the world. The increase of business operation efficiency and the increase of profit opportunities will enhance the profitability of the hotel level, while increasing the preference of the owners and franchisees to the brand of the new group hotel, thereby promoting the development of Nuevo Hotel. Su Anli, chairman and CEO of Marriott International Group, pointed out that "when the new travel destination is rising, we can also expect that Marriott International will enter the local area." Ji Qi, founder and chairman of Hua Hua Hotel Group, said, "in view of it, in the next 10 years, if China’s hotel industry has any major events, it is a mid-range hotel", which is enough to see the strategic position of the mid-range hotels. In China live group as an example, its mid-range hotel has 5 brands, known as the "five golden flowers": Meiju, diffuse heart, Ibis Luxuries, full season, star. Ji Qi said that in the 5 middle grade hotel brands, the whole season and the United States are the two major brands in China’s medium strategy. As a starting house in the Econo Hotel, Ji Qi said that the brand of Econo Hotel, represented by Hanting, is still the cornerstone of the development of the Chinese group. "Take the Guangzhou Railway Station store as an example, the price of the store is rising steadily, and the rate of opening house is fast on the top. There are 77 rooms in this branch, with an average house price of 187 yuan and an average annual rental rate of 93%. " At the annual conference of the platinum group, the reporter learned that the group has 18 brands, covering the lower middle and high third grade market. High star hotel: take the difference in asset light output line "this year the hotel industry still faces the market depth adjustment, the consumption structure of consumer demand in the international market, lack of capacity supply is growing too fast, prices rise space is limited and so many challenges, the pattern of the market so that the industry entered the period of change." The report issued by the China Hotel Association shows. From the perspective of the big environment, the separation of ownership and management right is the main trend of investment and operation at home and abroad, and the brand management mode of "light assets" output has also become the main direction of the development of more and more hotel groups. Taking Guangzhou White Swan Inn Hotel management company as an example, the company originated in the White Swan Hotel and provided management and consultation services for dozens of hotels in China. From the national day outside the ten airport can brush Alipay Guangzhou daily news (reporter Liu Xing) Alipay announced yesterday, launched the "global future Airport Plan", from the national day, in the ten overseas airport will be opened to facilitate the people travel overseas alipay. The reporter learned that the first half of 2016 China outbound tourists reached 59 million 30 thousand passengers, an increase of 4.3%, double world champion Chinese also continue to global outbound tourism trips and spending. Analysis of the industry, Alipay to enter the overseas ten Airport offers to buy buy buy services, airport services began to show effects of global mobile Internet from the China. According to reports, ten overseas airports including Munich Airport, Singapore Changi International Airport, Tokyo Narita International Airport, Osaka Kansai International Airport, Seoul Incheon International Airport, Oakland Airport, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Hong Kong International Airport, Taoyuan International Airport and Macau International Airport. Visitors enter the airport, Alipay through big data analysis of tourists preferences, to push businesses preferential, and the use of positioning to inform what the vicinity of shop location where idle away in seeking pleasure, let the strange airport, one second to become the most familiar circle". When paying, relying on the Alipay platform, visitors can be in the airport without cash consumption. Later, the users in the overseas airport, also hope to realize the flight reminding, indoor navigation, one key called the battery car and other mobile application services. The gold dress international division vice president Peng Yijie said, hope that the future Alipay can cover 30 reception Chinese outbound tourists most overseas airport. 旅游市场竞争惨烈 白菜价机票引爆年底买买买   旅游市场竞争激烈前所未有,国庆黄金周还没过,冬游线路已经开始新一轮竞争。记者从最新公布的航线了解到,二、三线城市直航境外航线增长六成,机票迎来白菜价。   广州日报记者全杰 通讯员林玙、陈淑明   记者调查看到,仅7月一个月,中国民用航空局就批准了国内、外国航空公司新增132条航线,但不论是国内还是外国航企,都重点布局国内如昆明、重庆、成都、湛江等二、三线城市,占比已经超六成。   航企不断抢占二、三线城市直航境外市场,直接受益的还是出游的市民,一来方便了,二来直接促使了旅游线路价格下跌,比如东航开通了昆明至旧金山航线、川航开通了成都至布拉格直飞航线等。   整体出境游价格还会下降   业内人士也坦言,随着国内外航企在二、三、四线城市布局力度加大,再加上原有一线城市也在不断调整更大的机型用来执飞,促使旅行社的采购也更具多元化,未来联运的产品会更多、更受欢迎,最重要的是更加便宜。特别是一些线路直接从二、三线城市出发,减少了往返于一线城市机场的成本,整体出境游价格还将会有进一步的下降。   旅游市场的淡季,加上白菜价格的机票,再次刺激到国人“买买买”的欲望,特别是感恩节到新年这段时间,都是欧美最为火爆的年底促销购物时间。   “当然因为商家的激烈竞争,很多品牌在11月就开始逐步打折了,明年1月份的清仓打折也很厉害。”南湖国旅策划推广中心副总监曾达丰告诉记者。   据悉,为了给年底购物打折季再添加动力,像美国梅西百货这样的老牌购物商场巨子也放低身价抛出橄榄枝,向中国游客送出价值888888美元的现金券。   业内人士表示,中国游客的巨大购买力是各国都不容忽视的一股重要力量,各国都使出各种方式来吸引中国游客年底出游。   旅游市场推出“飞的”购物线   从国庆节后一直到明年春节前,都是旅游的淡季。对于有钱有闲的退休人士以及年假急需清零的白领人士,这近4个月的时间是最好的出游时间。南湖国旅策划推广中心副总监曾达丰表示,特别是近年高端酒店受三公消费限制、全球经济疲软,卢布、英镑贬值,以及国内二、三线城市直飞境外航线大幅度增长,这些构成出境游基本元素的成本大幅度下降,可以说今年淡季出境游价格创了历史新低。再加上年底欧美、迪拜、日韩等地大型的购物节,更是刺激了老广出境“买买买”的欲望。   记者从北京路旅行社一条街了解到,旅行社不仅为老广准备了详细的购物攻略,还针对热衷“买买买”的市民推出了“打飞的”线路,此类行程以6~9天为主,只需休3天年假,就可以连着周末来个疯狂购物游,而且4人即可成团,如巴黎六天、罗马米兰六天、至新至潮的范思哲品牌迪拜六天,以及迪拜DUBAI MALL商圈六天。   市内一家大型旅行社,从其参团欧洲、迪拜线路游的旅客中,抽取了其中1000名报名市民做了调查,吸引市民报名的首先是价格和年底的超低折扣,其中30岁~35岁的白领人士最青睐迪拜,50岁~60岁的退休人士最青睐欧洲和北美。对于退休人士来说,6天的线路相对来说较短,他们更喜欢北美9天左右的线路,而白领人士由于工作原因则更青睐6天的线路。   节前调查 酒店集团进入多品牌“巷战”时代   临近国庆黄金周,酒店行业格外不平静。自近日万豪国际集团宣布完成对喜达屋的并购后,华住酒店集团也在一年一度的加盟商大会上表示在融资成本够低的时候,不排除也会进行一系列的并购。除了“买买买”之外,酒店集团频频发力旗下多个不同定位的品牌,并对品牌的软硬件进行升级改造,力求细分规模庞大的用户市场。   本月24日消息,万豪国际集团表示(纳市股票代码:MAR)已完成对喜达屋酒店与度假酒店国际集团的并购,成为全球最大的酒店集团。“业务运营效率的提升和盈利机会的增加将增强酒店层面的盈利能力,同时增加业主和特许经营商对新集团酒店品牌的偏好度,由此对新酒店的开发起到促进作用。”万豪国际集团董事长兼首席执行官苏安励先生指出,“当新的旅行目的地兴起时,我们也可以预期万豪国际将进驻当地。”   华住酒店集团创始人兼董事长季琦表示,“在它看来,未来10年,如果中国酒店业有什么大事,那就是中档酒店”,这足以看出中档酒店的战略地位。以华住集团为例,旗下中档酒店就有5个品牌,被称为“五朵金花”:美居、漫心、宜必思尚品、全季、星程。季琦表示,在5个中档酒店品牌中,全季和美居是华住在中档战略中重点打造的两大品牌。而作为以经济型酒店起家的华住,季琦表示:以汉庭为代表的经济型酒店品牌现在仍是华住集团发展的基石。   “以广州火车站店为例,该分店房价受益节节攀升,开房率迅速登顶。该分店有77间客房,平均房价为187元,年平均出租率为93%。”记者在铂涛集团的年度加盟大会上得知,该集团旗下已经拥有18个品牌,涵盖低中高三档市场。   高星级酒店:   走差异化轻资产输出路线   “今年酒店行业仍面临着市场消费结构深度调整、国际市场消费需求乏力、产能供给增长过快、房价上升空间有限等诸多严峻挑战,市场格局使行业进入变革时期。”中国饭店协会发布的报告显示。   从大环境来看,酒店的所有权和经营权分离是国内外酒店业投资建设与运营的主流趋势,而“轻资产”输出的品牌管理模式也成为越来越多酒店集团发展的主要方向。以广州白天鹅酒店管理公司为例,该公司起源于白天鹅宾馆,同时为国内数十家酒店提供管理、咨询服务。      国庆起境外十机场可刷支付宝   广州日报讯 (记者刘幸)支付宝昨日宣布,启动“全球未来机场计划”,从国庆起,在十家境外机场将陆续开通支付宝方便国人境外出行。   记者了解到,2016年上半年中国出境旅游人数达5903万人次,同比增长4.3%,中国也继续蝉联全球出境旅游人次和消费额的双料世界冠军。业内分析,支付宝进军境外十机场提供买买买服务,显示来自中国的移动互联网开始影响全球空港服务业。   据介绍,境外十大机场包括慕尼黑机场、新加坡樟宜国际机场、东京成田国际机场、大阪关西国际机场、首尔仁川国际机场、奥克兰机场、曼谷素万那普国际机场、香港国际机场、桃园国际机场和澳门国际机场等。   游客们进入上述机场后,支付宝可通过大数据分析游客喜好,有针对性的推送商家优惠,并且利用定位告知附近有哪些吃喝玩乐、店铺位置在哪,让陌生机场,一秒变成“最熟悉商圈”。支付时,依托支付宝平台,游客能在上述机场无现金消费。以后,用户在海外机场,还有望实现航班提醒、室内导航、一键叫电瓶车等移动应用服务。   蚂蚁金服国际事业部副总裁彭翼捷表示,希望未来支付宝可以覆盖30家接待中国出境游客最多的海外机场。相关的主题文章: