The first subway to pick up the apple 7 users people have not seen the real lost (video)-zibba

The first subway to pick up the apple 7 users: people have not seen the real machine lost by hands without love. The iPhone7 plus mobile phone, spend 8800 yuan bought left in the subway. Did not expect the anxious after 10 minutes, lost love. Today morning, the owner Chen talking about the encounter, and thank the Wuhan subway staff, "they help find lost speed is really awesome!" It turned out that around 9:30 last night, Miss Chen took the newly purchased iPhone7 plus mobile phone, and took the subway line 2 from Optics Valley to Hankou to sit in the last carriage, because he didn’t like to carry things in his hand, so he put his bag on the seat beside him. In Xunlimen station, suddenly found that forgot to take shopping bags! Turn to the station for help. Yan Peisi, a subway worker, called the car control room of Qingnian Road station. Chen Jingyi, the duty station manager of Qingnian Road subway station, called Huang Rong, the colleague on the platform through the intercom, waiting for the train to get on the train as soon as it arrived. Because at midnight 10 passengers were not many. As soon as I got on the bus, I saw a white shopping bag on the seat of the sixth compartment, which is a brand new iPhone7 plus phone. 10 minutes later, the owner Ms. Chen arrived in Qingnian Road subway station to mobile phone. Thank you very much for helping the subway staff to get it back in time! Miss Chen said, the mobile phone is a boyfriend to spend 8800 yuan to buy a gift for her, 128G, she is the most love rose gold, if you can not come back, will be very sad, the family will blame her absent-minded. According to the Wuhan subway, this is the first time they picked up the apple mobile phone seven, separated by only one station’s original Zhongshan Park. (reporter Zhang Hao) related video apple iPhone 7 Hongkong resale can profit ten thousand yuan

地铁首捡苹果7 网友:没见过真机就有人弄丢了因手上不喜欢提东西,结果花8800元刚买的iPhone7 plus手机忘在了地铁上。没想到心焦10分钟后,爱机失而复得。今日上午,失主陈小姐说起这次遭遇,连连感谢武汉地铁工作人员,“他们帮找失物的速度真是杠杠的!”原来,昨晚9点半左右,陈小姐拎着新买的iPhone7 plus手机,从光谷乘坐地铁2号线准备回汉口,坐在最后一节车厢,因为不喜欢手里提东西,于是将手提袋放在了旁边的座椅上。在循礼门出站时,猛然发现忘记了拿购物袋!当即向站里求助。地铁工作人严佩思赶紧给青年路站车控室打电话,青年路地铁站值班站长陈镜伊通过对讲机呼叫站台上的同事黄荣,等列车一到站就上车寻找。因是深夜10时乘客不是很多,一上车就看到了第六节车厢里的座椅上有个白色购物袋,里面正是一部崭新的iPhone7 plus手机。10分钟后,失主陈小姐赶到青年路地铁站领回手机。非常感谢地铁工作人员帮其及时找回!陈小姐说,这部手机是男朋友花8800元买给她的礼物,128G,她最喜欢的玫瑰金色,要是找不回来,会很伤心的,家里人又会责怪她丢三落四了。据武汉地铁介绍,这是他们首次捡到苹果七手机,只隔了中山公园一站便物归了原主。(记者张皓)相关视频 苹果iPhone 7香港开售 转售可获利一万元相关的主题文章: