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The global political and economic circles "known" certainly China "green development" new network – in the global political and economic circles "known" certainly China "green development": China problems need a global new option in Shanghai on 31 August, (reporter Li Jiajia) "China country, population, growth, investment, the solution to the problem of sustainable Chinese the needs of the development of the world, if the International Financial Forum (IFF) to propose a comprehensive report in the next few years, Europe will be willing to cooperate with Chinese, and China can also play a leading role in the next process." IFF consultant, former finance minister of Italy, Morgan, vice president of the United States, said Siniscalco, vice president of. Siniscalco is to attend the thirteenth international financial forum in Shanghai, the world’s annual meeting, held in 31, the above statement. The same day, around the "Green Finance: sustainable development and green growth" is the theme of the dialogue has attracted the world’s political and business vision, including IFF co chairman, former South Korean prime minister, the 56 session of the General Assembly President Han Shengzhu, chairman of the IFF Advisory Committee, former Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Yukio IFF, chairman of the Council of New Zealand, comprehensive and sustainable development of the shipkey, Prime Minister Jenny? A political gurus are speak freely in the dialogue. At present, the global development has already entered the critical point, began to rethink and reconstruct human social values, in the face of the deteriorating environment challenges at the same time, the world has gradually realized the importance of the transformation of development mode, abandon the past only on the GDP has gradually become a consensus, in the pursuit of speed at the same time, how to achieve sustainable development is the common topic of the world have to face. China seems to be aware of this. Chinese government in the "13th Five-Year plan" proposed innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing five development ideas, the "green" as one of the five major development, sustainable development is actually to rise to a very high altitude. "But this is just the beginning," said Song Min, an academic member of the and director of the China Center for financial research at the University of Hong Kong. "In fact, the challenge is enormous." Song Min believes that China really want to solve the environmental problem, need 2 to green investment of 4 trillion yuan a year, the government can only provide estimates that up to 15% of the funds, this is a green financial system needs the whole society together to create money, "but we also lack a lot". "Ideas, policies and government and markets, with a whole set of systematic policies, can address the environmental challenges facing China," said Song Min. In fact, in the green financial system to build, China has taken the pace of practice. According to the IFF Executive Committee, former deputy director of the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Chinese Ma Rupei introduced by the end of April 2016, Chinese Financial Association Green financial Specialized Committee has been established, Chinese become history’s first green finance as the main industry guidance agencies, as of the end of April 2016 the members of the unit has been expanded to 140 members of the unit, financial institutions in the management of the financial the amount of assets of 135 trillion yuan, accounting for all the gold Chinese)相关的主题文章: