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The latest Liaoning ship training picture exposure: 5 fighters -15 pendulum arrow shape (2) – Sohu military channel page second: new Liaoning ship training picture exposure [click the picture to the next page for the latest map of Liaoning ship training screen. Annihilates -15 aircraft with a new landing gear according to CCTV reported, "flying shark" annihilates -15 aircraft on the Liaoning aircraft carrier into the people’s Navy after only 2 months to achieve a safe landing in the "Liaoning" aircraft carrier. In appearance, the -15 with the Soviet -33 are very similar, but the f -15 fighter – -11B fusion technology. Based on the new fighter -11 duck wing, equipped with 2 high-power engine, thus realizing the folding wing, the new design of the lift device, lifting device and arresting hook system, the aircraft in maintaining excellent operational performance conditions, realized the flight characteristics of the ship. In addition, the engine thrust is also helpful to improve the flight performance, f -15 fighter climb rate performance can be close to the level of land-based Su -27S. It is worth noting that the improvement of fighters -15 focused on materials and production process. In 80s the Soviet Union lacks advanced titanium alloy processing capacity, the fuselage after titanium alloy frame only by electron beam welding together, weld strength is much lower than the whole forging, seriously affecting the structural strength and fatigue life. With the advancement of technology, development of large machine benefits, the overall titanium alloy frame Chinese now can produce Su -27 series aircraft, greatly enhance the body strength, in increasing overload capacity and improve the service life of the aircraft. Inherited body built-in tank Su -27 family, f -15 without the use of auxiliary fuel tank ferry will be more than 3000 kilometers, in the largest oil in the configuration, the flight resistance will not increase, free hanging point can be used to mount heavy precision guided weapons, has the high operational flexibility. Third page: Liaoning ship latest training screen exposure [click the picture to the next page] map for the latest training Liaoning ship screen. A new batch of pilot certification according to Chinese army annihilates -15 through the network reported that in mid August in a new batch of carrier fighter pilots flew f -15 aircraft successfully completed stop landing and ski jump take-off assessment in Liaoning ship, and the aircraft carrier flight qualification certification, has achieved a significant change in our country by the military shipborne fighter pilots cooperation to the naval forces of self training, marking our NAVAL SHIPBOARD fighter pilots self training system is perfect, become another important milepost Navy aircraft carrier construction. Carrier fighter pilot training is a very difficult new career. With this batch of pilot ship daytime qualification, before a few batches of Shipborne fighter pilots landing ship based technology training, Liaoning ship synchronized with the long time continuous navigation, helicopter carrier night training, flight deck damage control and rescue night aviation guarantee process validation training exercises. The maritime training, based on a good grasp of the carrier based fighter pilot landing technology to maintain and improve the organization of multiple aircraft carrier.相关的主题文章: