The logistics company employees take to earn extra money by car when a black car robbery in

The logistics company employees take to earn extra money by car when a black car robbery – Beijing logistics company employees use car transported to the 4S shop space, not only the car when a black car to earn extra money, but also take the opportunity to commit robbery. Yongchuan District Public Security Bureau yesterday informed that 3 suspects have been arrested. Chongqing evening news chief correspondent Xia Xiangzhou black driver Lowballing things have to start in July 15th. That night, a boy ran flustered Yongchuan Fuhua hospital duty room, let the staff on duty to help him to call the police: "I have been robbed, who left on a bank card, they put my luggage buckle, a threat to me……" Alarm guy called Zhang Hua (a pseudonym). He told the police that he had just graduated, had intended to take a plane to Jiangbei Airport, and then take the bus back to Yongchuan. Because of flight delays, he arrived at the airport is already more than 11 o’clock in the evening, the airport bus outage. "I want to go home early, but also want to save a night’s accommodation. See the roadside there is a black truck driver in greeting, I passed." Black car driver driving a new car without a license. "Black car drivers are very enthusiastic, but the price was very low, when it comes to Yongchuan only charged me 200 yuan of money, which brought me home." Zhang Hua see with the car there are a few people, they dared to get on the car. Excuse the car robbery "up to Yongchuan under the high-speed, the other passengers continued to go after the car left the driver and I two people." Because the journey tired, Zhang Huayi road in a trance. When he was awakened by the driver, he did not expect things to happen. "I found the car to a very remote, around the dark side of the road, next to the driver is one more person." At this time, the driver turned up devils. "He gave me money did not give enough, call me plus." Zhang Hua does not agree, said the car had been talking about a good price, they argue with the driver. At this time, the driver and his companions began reared up and make a way to beat. "They asked me to hand over all the money I had, and I was asked to transfer all the money to my account." Zhang Hua realized that he suffered robbers. Zhang Hua borrowed the robbers take money machine, and ran into the crowded street for help. Good clean up specifically looking for "two children" on the night of the incident, the police also received the same alarm alarm alarm: the brothers, were beaten black and blue. After investigation, the police confirmed two cases of the same group of people, and locked the crime of driving illegal operation of the vehicle of the 3 suspects. That night, the suspect Tan (29 years old, Yubei people), Lee (age, Sichuan, Neijiang) and Liu (Panzhihua, Sichuan, aged 26) arrested. According to the suspects confessed that they are a logistics company employees in Chongqing, is mainly responsible for the car just shipped to the surrounding counties of Chongqing 4S shop sales. Because the company did not strictly limit the vehicle round-trip time, plus a trip too too little money, Lee in the proposal, 3 people decided to partner the company’s car to the airport soliciting money. Run several times after the black car, 3 people still think the money is too slow, so the passengers robbed halfway. From the beginning of the end of June, Tanmou 3.相关的主题文章: