The magic sponge absorbs the sun’s energy and heats the water to boiling kamikaze love

The magic sponge can absorb solar energy to heat the water to boiling Tencent digital news (compiled: Guti) at MIT and recently new research, a team of engineers from the Institute invented a device similar to a sponge, this equipment can be generated heat by absorption of solar energy, and will be able to the water is heated to boiling. The impressive thing is that this material can even DIY into various shapes. "We’ve created this floating solar receiver that heats up water by absorbing heat from the sun to form water vapor." MIT project leader George Ni said. The receiver without any optical concentrator, reflector and lens under the condition of water into steam, and it can reduce the cost of future solar system, is expected to let more people begin to use solar energy resources. This project began in 2014, has been a very big progress. First, this equipment can reach 100 degrees Celsius in the absence of any optical technology, and new achievements of this material is very easy to be commercial use, basically are some common foam material, and combined to form the function of heating. Ni said that in the practical application, from seawater desalination, sewage treatment, disinfection of medical instruments are the future application prospects, but the current study is also the need for additional testing and application specific control. But now has formed a platform, the future can further reduce costs, and control the size of the volume. Video: 300 meter freefall test! Sponge sets can keep iPhone life? Source: digitaltrends相关的主题文章: