The man in the top website information fraud cheated nearly 20 thousand yuan compensation surrender k-boxing

The man in the top website information fraud cheated nearly 20 thousand yuan surrender restitution – Sohu news online buy social accounts, bank cards, top fraud information, Chen man finally caught a big fish". In August 29th, surging news reporter from the Shanghai Municipal People’s Procuratorate of Minhang District sentenced Chen with a season rush to find the lost mobile phone, 12 pen cheat a quarter of nearly twenty thousand yuan. In April 2016, Chen suspects in Hainan surrendered. Recently, the people’s Procuratorate of Shanghai City, Shanghai City People’s Court of Minhang District Chen prosecution according to law, the court sentenced him to nine months in prison. According to the court, in June 2015, a quarter of the Internet want to locate the way through the GPS, looking for their lost phone. He found a social account in the web page, he made contact with the other chen. In accordance with the requirements of Chen, quarter by way of bank transfer to pay the first deposit 200 yuan. Since then, Chen and a variety of reasons to make a quarterly deposit. Because love machine pants, a season will have 13 times, nearly twenty thousand yuan of money to Chen’s account. When Chen asked to keep a quarter of 5000 yuan, only to find themselves deceived, then went to the police station to report the matter. According to Chen explained that the second half of 2013, he began to teach himself how to publish GPS mobile phone positioning false on the Internet, to cheat others money. Through a shopping site can publish information on top sellers, he will use GPS previously find online searching for the lost mobile phone information, customer service, and social accounts tell each other. The seller at a price of one hundred or two hundred yuan will be edited content top on the website. Chen said that he used the social account is basically from a shopping site to buy cheap, but also achieved a more professional screen, iPhone GPS global positioning customer service". When he was with a season on the social networking platform after contact, Chen to the advanced technology and other reasons to find things for a quarter of mobile phone that will also let a quarter of basic information such as the mobile phone serial code, mobile phone number and lost over. After obtaining a quarter of the trust, Chen said positioning requires a deposit, so that a quarter of the deposit will be 200 yuan to his bank card. After the first deposit to pay a good, Chen and a quarter to the lack of information, positioning is not accurate enough and the phone may be in the hands of criminals, so that the other party to pay a certain amount of personal security deposit fee. After the success, Chen will then have to locate the success of the deposit and the need for a refund and other reasons, each time the amount of a few hundred dollars or one thousand or two thousand yuan, so that the transfer of a quarter to his designated bank account. Just a week, Chen 12 points in succession to defraud a quarter of nearly RMB twenty thousand yuan. According to Chen explained that he used to defraud the bank card is purchased in the shopping site after the store search. Usually a few thousand dollars to buy a bank card, which includes a number of large bank card. Chen said that after the completion of the transfer of a quarter, he will be basically a local network of social groups where people are responsible for taking money on the ATM machine. They prior to a good bank card storage location, so that the money will be completed after the withdrawal of money.相关的主题文章: