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The Ministry of Education: as of 2015 15 million 390 thousand people full-time teachers nationwide   the allocation of the overall improvement of – Politics – in Beijing in August 31, according to the news website of the Ministry of education, as of 2015, a total of 15 million 390 thousand full-time teachers all kinds of schools in china. Among them, 2 million 50 thousand pre-school education, compulsory education stage of the people, high school (including secondary vocational education) of the 2 million 540 thousand, higher education (including higher vocational education), the special education of the people of the 1 million 570 thousand, the 50 thousand. They work in 510 thousand schools, supporting up to 306 million students in the world’s largest education system, for our country from a large country to a large population of human resources has made great contributions to the transformation. The total increase of teachers, the overall improvement of the configuration. The number of full-time teachers has increased more than 28 compared to 2014, of which 206 thousand and 800 growth of preschool education and special education elementary education growth of 2 thousand and 200, growth of 45 thousand and 200, growth of 38 thousand and 100 higher education, secondary education is reduced by 4 thousand and 500. The teacher’s age structure is constantly optimized, and the young and middle-aged teachers are the main body of the primary and secondary school teachers. Primary and secondary school teachers under 40 years of age accounted for 56% of College Teachers under the age of 45 accounted for 71%. The structure of teachers’ educational background has been improved, and the proportion of teachers with higher education has increased. Qualified primary and secondary schools, and vocational college full-time teachers’ education rate reached more than 98%, 90%, 99%. In normal education, a total of 181 normal universities, the subordinate Normal University 6, 40, 70 Provincial Normal University Teachers College, teachers college 65. At the same time, there are 457 non normal universities, including the comprehensive universities, the local comprehensive colleges and universities, the 92 vocational colleges, the independent colleges and universities, the other 38 colleges and universities, and the other 13 colleges and universities in the world. The number of teachers is not the same as that of the other 243 colleges and universities. The national training of secondary vocational school teachers in the secondary normal school 125. In 2015, the national ordinary university graduates a total of 700 thousand people, including 510 thousand undergraduate, specialist 190 thousand; total enrollment of 710 thousand people, including 540 thousand undergraduate, specialist 170 thousand; 2 million 790 thousand students, including 2 million 210 thousand undergraduate, specialist 580 thousand people. (Xiao Hong, deep commissioning editor: Yin)相关的主题文章: