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The net worth of 11 billion 600 million game player: Live 2136 square meter house is up to woman [Abstract] for founders of startups, create some of our favorite things, then the company will own to sell, then overnight…… It sounds so good". However, when the entrepreneur to sell his company after it? Entrepreneurs may have a large fortune, but it will also lose direction, face the major problem of what to do next at sea? According to overseas media reports, "my world" (Minecraft) game creator Persson has published a series of strange tweets. "Go to Ibiza with my friends, partying and celebrities, I want to do what to do, but I have hitherto unknown loneliness." "I found a very good girl, but she was afraid of me, afraid of my way of life, and finally to a normal person." "When we sold the company, the best thing we could do was to make sure that all the employees got a good result." "In Sweden, I was sitting around all day, waiting for a friend of my own work and family to do the boring things with me." About two years ago, Persson’s company was bought by Microsoft for $2 billion 500 million, and he didn’t join Microsoft. In fact, Persson seems to be satisfied. He bought a $70 million mansion, but these tweets tell people that he is already tired of life, and deeply lonely. Some people try to enlighten him, these tweets issued shortly after, Persson also said he was told: "everything is normal, also will be the past", he is ready to take a bath in a mood. From Persson’s experience can be seen in the sale of the company before, entrepreneurs may have a lot of things to consider these things around a theme: know yourself, see yourself from the company get what tangible benefits. Before selling the company, entrepreneurs should think: why and the company can succeed? What are your strengths? Can this model be replicated? Of course, the identity of the loss, to adapt to the new relationship and how to find a new career, are successful entrepreneurs should think about the problem. 2014 news exposure Persson Mansion: two days ago (19 days), the U.S. real estate sector came out with a headline news. The 35 year old Swedish online game developers "magic like (Mojang) company founder Marcus · Poersen (Markus Persson) for $70 million, bought a house in Losangeles’s top tip. The news from his 16 announced that Microsoft will be $2 billion 500 million acquisition of the magic of money only every other day for 3 days. And after those of the United States tech industry flourishes usually choose to stay in the company to continue to work hard, the Swedish guy declares that he will completely leave the company and his hand like magic game software "my world (Minecraft)". What are you doing? No, he’s just going to do cool things. But from the real estate transaction.相关的主题文章: