The owner of the long distance station sent the owner to fight with the yellow cattle to stop at the-running man 20130908

The bus station owner sent with the cattle for customers elevated ramp free parking recently some people reflect, Shanghai Zhongshan North Road Hutai Road, often long-distance passenger vehicle is still soliciting cattle, some elevated ramp free parking boarding. More than ten in the morning, the reporter came to the bus station, and a lot of people went up and down the road to ask if they wanted to take a car. In front of the station’s ticket sales hall, the man with a thorax reported the price to Xuancheng. Across the Shanghai Road, the price of cattle is cheaper at the intersection across the bus station. As for the station, there are many long-distance bus stations nearby. The competition for tourists is fierce. For the sake of Huang Niuqiang’s business outside the station, the owners of the stations will send people outside the station. Shanghai bus station duty station Zhou Changfu said, wearing a badge, basically is the owner arranged down, pull the passengers at the station to bus ticket inside. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the long-distance passenger, in addition to the regular site, along the way is prohibited on and off, Zhongshan North Road Hutai Road here was once the illegal passenger hit, after long period of law enforcement and police departments remediation, this is a lot less, but the door soliciting cattle but lvjinbujue. The site also calls for passengers not to take irregular long-distance buses for their own safety.

长途车站车主派人与黄牛争客源 高架匝道口随意停车   近日有市民反映,上海的中山北路沪太路口,经常有长途客运的黄牛拉客,一些车辆还在高架匝道口随意停车上客。   上午十点多,记者来到长途汽车站,一路上不断有人上前搭讪,询问要不要坐车。在车站售票大厅前,这位戴着胸牌的人员报出了前往宣城的价格。   隔着沪太路,在汽车站对面的路口,黄牛的价格显得更加便宜。   车站方面介绍,附近有多个长途汽车站点,客源争夺十分激烈,为了和外面的黄牛抢生意,站内的车主也会派人到站外拉客。   上海长途汽车站值班站长周长富表示,戴胸牌的人,基本上是车主安排下来的,拉旅客到站里面来进行补票上车。   按照长途客运相关规定,除了正规站点,沿途是禁止上下客的,中山北路沪太路这里一度是违规载客的重灾区,长假期间经过执法总队和交警部门的整治,这个现象少了很多,但门前拉客的黄牛却屡禁不绝。   站点方面也呼吁,旅客为了自身安全,不要乘坐不正规的长途汽车。相关的主题文章: