The second phase of prenatal ultrasound new project research summit full record – Sohu maternal and hamimelon

In second healthy prenatal ultrasound new project summit records – Sohu after December 19, 2015 the first high-end maternal maternity hospital ultrasound in northeast new project summit, October 29, 2016, 30, second state health prenatal ultrasound imaging clinical expert lectures open again. Professor He Yihua from Capital Medical University affiliated Beijing An Zhen Hospital, No.1 Hospital of Peking University director Chen Qian came to Changchun, and state health maternity hospital, state health and maternity hospital by a doctor in the field of ultrasound, discusses a series of problems of ultrasound, share the advanced experience of health and the province’s maternity ultrasound to raise the level of play a positive effect. Professor He Yihua four dimensional ultrasound personally for the pregnant mother, Professor He Yihua at the end of 2011, led the establishment of the first "prenatal ultrasound diagnosis of fetal heart disease network consultation center", with its superb level of screening superb skills and rich experience, all over the country, is suffering from congenital heart disease in children with prenatal screening the diagnosis, to achieve a lofty dream healer unbounded. Professor He Yihua in "the prenatal diagnosis of fetal congenital heart disease" as the theme of the seminar, lecture, Professor Ho is the examination of the current domestic maternal fetal heart disease status, technology and the future development direction, were expounded, the latest technology of fetal congenital heart disease screening areas to share. In the second half of the lecture, Professor He Yihua shared many cases and discussed the problems and solutions in practical work. October 30, 2016, No.1 Hospital of Peking University, director of Obstetrics and gynecology doctors in the state health director Chen Qian held two seminars, the theme was "ultrasound diagnosis of placenta accreta" and "common fetal ultrasound abnormalities of the consultation", during the lecture, director Chen Qian will be accumulated decades of experience to share with the presence of a doctor. "Ultrasound is a meticulous and careful, careful and earnest, learning and learning, communication and communication work," the end of the lecture, Chen Qian, director of the highly positive on the national health service level and medical technology, and willing to work with the state health together, to make their own contribution in exploring maternity ultrasound technology in. In this lecture, in addition to national health, National Health maternity hospital opened by the maternity hospital doctors and other hospital, province ultrasound doctors in health through this lecture, to achieve a further communication of ultrasonic medical technology, build a platform to share their experiences and achievements, to improve the level of the province made ultrasound examination positive role.相关的主题文章: