The state-owned enterprises cannot depend on banks

The state-owned enterprises cannot depend on the bank Sina Finance opinion leader column (WeChat public kopleader) columnist Mo Kaiwei if the state-owned enterprises put all their hopes on the bank, the bank hopes for its "blood transfusion" to continued life, or how much is not reliable; and this view is very dangerous. First, it shows that many local government agencies do not really understand the functions of banks, which is not conducive to the formation of good ecological environment. The state-owned enterprises cannot depend on Coal Enterprises — the largest bank in the northeastern region of Heilongjiang Longmay Mining Holdings Refco Group Ltd has more than 250 thousand employees; since 2012, the group’s losses to rise sharply, currently has a total debt of 50 billion yuan, annual salary of only 10 billion yuan, now can only rely on government subsidies to maintain. During the two sessions this year, Heilongjiang governor Lu Hao said: if the next step of the Dragon coal group was forced to stop because of funding strand breaks, the Heilongjiang provincial government will not be able to save. Obviously, the group has been standing on the edge of vital importance (September 29, 2016 "financial"). The Dragon Coal Group in trouble, really worthy of sympathy, after all, no matter from which side, the group has made a tremendous contribution to the country: to feed hundreds of thousands of workers, to maintain the local social stability; make a large number of taxes and fees for the local government, stimulating local economic growth. Now suffered overcapacity, resource depletion, decreased efficiency, and retired workers to undertake a large number of social functions and other issues, the enterprise into a dilemma, the government has the responsibility and obligation to save. Suffer from the old industrial base, the local provincial government financial difficulties and other factors, many people will save the business focus to the bank, the bank is proposed for enterprises to continue to "blood transfusion", the "life" requirements. Put forward this view, although there is some truth, can also understand. Because between the bank and the enterprise is a symbiotic relationship between lips and teeth; especially coal enterprises like Dragon coal group with about 50000000000 yuan of debt, bank loans to some of the very high proportion; if the enterprise bankruptcy closed, bank credit funds will become bad debts, so from the bank side, is not one hundred to the enterprise bankruptcy closed. At the same time, the local government, the bank lending to the relief of the enterprise become more complex emotions, such a large state-owned coal enterprises, has brought the northeast industrial glory, has become the pride of the local government, so if the enterprise or fail not only unable to get up after a fall, the local government loses face, brings the arrangement of laid-off workers social pension, health care and other aspects of a huge burden to the local government, and even affect the stability of the local community in danger. Especially, in the local government financial difficulties, and promote the deepening reform of enterprises facing many obstacles situation, more is that the enterprise can survive, to wait for the future economic upturn can bring to revive the machine. But the author believes that if all the hopes pinned on the bank, the bank would like to continue its "blood transfusion" continued life, or how much do not fly; and this view is also very dangerous. First of all, a lot of local government agencies to the bank相关的主题文章: