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The the Imperial Palace off Hongqiao to cining regional opening   by the end of the the Imperial Palace open area will reach 76%– Beijing channel — original title: the Imperial Palace off Hongqiao to open eleven regional cining golden week is approaching, in order to meet the "final exam", the Imperial Palace yesterday opening the West Hongqiao fault to cining palace area, will open in two between North and south to the channel, to further expand the open area, avoid visitors concentrated in the axis. In the new open area, not only off Hongqiao and Huai eighteen monuments to the public for the first time at the Imperial Palace, the mysterious icehouse will also open up the service area for the audience. In addition, the the Imperial Palace cultural heritage Digital Application Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as "digital") VR studio will be organized for student groups viewing, related programs are being developed. Next, a series of open initiatives will be implemented, the end of the opening of the the Imperial Palace area will reach 76%, an increase of 11% over last year. In the 1 summer palace cultural attractions icehouse experience during the eleven, the past rather mysterious ice will be opened its doors for the first time, visitors can rest in this meal. Sitting in the Royal icy cold drinks, some do not have a taste. The Imperial Palace glaciere built during the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the existing 4 seats, as the ice palace. Reporters yesterday at the scene, located outside the the Imperial Palace gate longchong icehouse Road West, a north-south, semi underground arch type cave architecture. Every ice thing is about 6 meters wide, about 11 meters north-south, the bottom of the pit sinking below the ground about 1.5 meters, can save more than 5000 pieces of ice; the ground with stone paved, the first stone masonry, after gray brick forming top coupons are provided at both ends of the arch. During the eleven, will serve as the area west of the icehouse the Imperial Palace audience service area open, in the condition of respecting ancient buildings under the existing condition, environmental transformation completely reversible binding architectural features the glaciere promotion, let the audience at rest and enjoy quality service at the same time, understanding of the ancient and the Summer Palace of the icehouse bearing cultural connotation. The whole area is expected to accommodate nearly 300 spectators, icehouse is also arranged outside an open corridor, providing more space for rest. Under the pines, the red wall, enjoy a unique quiet the Imperial Palace. The Imperial Palace museum director Dan Jixiang introduction, "poor no trouble summer, fine ice cold storage disc; more than preserved? Fan, color like jade coagulation." This is the emperor Qian Long’s praise of the summer ice, showing the Royal love of ice. The old summer ice, basically from icehouse, since the beginning until modern times, this method has almost become the ancient palace, icehouse essential service facilities. In Qing Dynasty, icehouse divided into official cellar, cellar, cellar three people palace, the Forbidden City is one of the ice city of Beijing’s 4 official pit at the time. According to historical records, after the old during the winter, Beijing will rinse river water, to remove weeds and other debris, and then covered the sewage on the go, finally boarded the pier built temporary dam until after the winter solstice, frozen fruit, hire porters of ice, clear cutting must be selected when the thick ice cut chop one foot five inches square, and then pulled the icehouse neatly. The seat for each seat to icehouse ice storage more than 5 thousand, summer time, standing in the door can not thoroughly glaciere,)相关的主题文章: