The trump card with the only trump eight aspect National Archives go heart kidney comedy (video)-yuria

The "trump card" with the only trump eight aspect National Archives go heart kidney "ace" jokes funny comedy ace Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming staged a fragment of "bed" drama directed by Jing Wong, Andy Lau, starring Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin, Junjie Mao, Wu Yue, Petrina Fung, starring Xu Dongdong, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei, Shen Teng and other special star the movie "trump card" in October 1st with ACE national release. The film tells the story of Andy Lau’s treasure, "God snatch embarrassed seed" and the world terrorist organization with the help of the crowd, Indiana adventure story save the world. Eleven good holiday gathered, and the "trump card" is the trump card make this year the National Archives only an action comedy. Looking forward to the audience in the cinema can finally smile a heart, a holiday decompression. On that day, the film side exposed a hand-painted posters and the selection of the eight aspect, allowing viewers to see it. Xiaofantian! The only national action comedy six ace joined forces as this year the National Archives only action comedy blockbuster, "ace ace" tease not only Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming the king who fight for the first time, a collection of three mainland film comedy: last year the general strength of comedy "Sherlock worry" in Shen Teng, Wong Cho Lam, variety. Hold live with all the force of the style of Xie Yilin and Ouyang Nana is the goddess of sweet, talent and value of a creative team ace Yan concurrently. Notice, Andy Lau is not blown back is too horrible to look at like a mummy was injured ass. The director said, "this film will definitely make you see a different Andy Lau." Such a dazzling lineup, fun and full of action, without procrastination jokes funny story, "ace ace" ace of the National Day golden week will become the one and only of the prehistoric beasts. See you for a long time! Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming Shen Teng to sing the theme song "smile" make you ten years younger for the theme song "smile" this song, Andy Lau very seriously, not only personally lyrics, and invited Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng joined the chorus to. Three once on different occasions to sing the song "Tun", in the movie hit it off, homeopathy made a name of "Sanlitun" King class music group. Talking about the original intention of writing this song, Andy Lau laughed and said, "I want to create a song with a little Hongkong classic swordsman movie. I hope that in the meantime, Hao Ran can make everyone laugh. The first assembly vocals of the three ace turned a second magnetic singing song of God, a high degree of recognition, sonorous and forceful lyrics tells us: as long as down-to-earth for their own dream to struggle, everyone is a trump card! Super cute! The family added general super adorable dog in our movie screen, Luo Jia as grand family, family members not only a stunt, even in the home as a pet is eighteen Wu Yi well versed in dried meat floss. As a member of the general grand family, known as the important link of "magic show in Andy Lau and Tactic dried meat floss" owner Huang Xiaoming PK, who stole the mobile phone instant brother, let Huang Xiaoming quietly xianbatouchou. Speaking of the play, Andy Lau laughed and said, "I didn’t think that a dog would be so good, it was almost perfect!" Even Andy Lau that are most willing to King was molested, remarkable charm and strength of the dried meat floss. In addition to martial arts, but also let everyone out of dried meat floss adorable face blood in the studio. The opening, the handshake, the spoiled and so on were all proficient, and the hearts of all the people were captured. It’s really deep in the depths of nature! Great addiction! The global aspect adventure Indiana gorgeous visual effects in order to give money to build the audience in a completely different action adventure comedy, "funny" ACE ACE crew lasted 174 days, Hongkong, toured Beijing, Macao, Milan four international metropolis, travel 15000 kilometers, only for each to the most gorgeous scene in the movie go. Is the so-called Kung Fu, magnificent scenery photography, rich and warm exotic, for the film considerably. Especially in Milan at the San Siro stadium, the main embodiment of ace soccer team, shooting in the real world famous stadium, and created a precedent Chinese film. Not only that, the film side also arranged a helicopter cruise scheduling, sincere to the meat and humor fight, stirring speed explosion…… All this impress the audience. The magnificent vision of "the trump card" has made it one of the most topics in the 2016. No dead horn! In the action adventure comedy elements in a 360 degree radiation of all ages audience except the core funny Indiana thread, also have a lot of action, join the movie gangster, inspirational elements, to bring the audience more contrary to expectation surprise and harvest. Street racing, ground gun has been able to find traces from the trailer, and Andy Lau and Huang Xiaoming’s "embarrassed on rogue" for the movie plus many. In addition to a laugh, "the ace of the trump card" is still exploring all aspects of the family, about the dream. Andy Lau’s embarrassed treasure ye, although in the ability first, but still insist on their own to do a good policeman of faith! Believe in the persistence of the dream, there will be a lot of 70 or even after 80’s heart. The easy and funny elements that run through all the time must capture more young audiences and older audiences. It can be said that the ace trump card is a real comedy of all ages, which is suitable for the National Day holiday, and the whole family can feel the charm of the ace. Brain hole! Xie Yilin: large scale three men of God from the previous three refresh passion play in the trailer after a glimpse of the "trump card", with ACE since the shooting scenes, Xie Yilin emotional drama in the "trump card" with a few funny ace men starring three men of God have been attracted much attention. Notice, Andy Lau staged floats the girl, the handsome behavior let Xie Yilin look dumbfounded. In the face of Huang Xiaoming, Xie Lin is sexy battle, feeling two life on hard lick, such a large scale scenes of passion with the Ecstasy "run, animals", is really a blush. Xie Yilin laughed and said, "it should be the coolest and most bovine role in the film, and there are a lot of people who protect me. More than Xiaoming brother all around me!" 然而,与天王、教主过招这一切还只是开胃菜,谢依霖与王祖蓝的激情戏才是真正的“刷新三观”,对此谢依霖说:“我们两个的激情戏绝对是挑战人类的道德底线!” Da qidi! The gold team behind the National Day rally achievement comedy feast the director Jing Wong is prepared, "behind the scenes" with the production team ACE ACE is full of gold, including a hand to create "Beijing love story" the mainland famous producer Li Yaping; who by virtue of "the purpose of clothing design won the curse of the Golden Flower", won the seventy-ninth Oscar Award Best Costume Design Award nominated Xi Zhongwen; special guide is from Hongkong visual effects artist Huang Hongda, with the movie "Huang Feihong" a dream hero won the thirty-fourth Hongkong Film Awards "best visual effects"; for the movie "Sherlock" had trouble "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon 2" music mainland renowned musician Dong Dongdong. In addition, Jiang Guomin, martial arts guidance Lin Dian, recording guidance Ceng Jingxiang’s joining also laid a solid foundation for the quality of the film. Big enough! The guest lineup is starry and bright. Jing Wong asked for half a movie circle. In addition to the nearly luxurious starring stars and the top part of the Chinese comedy, the director Jing Wong also invited a star friendship guest star, absolutely the 2016 best actor array. From Petrina Fung after 50 to Ouyang Nana after 00, the main creation team covers almost all age groups, which is the largest comedy crew ever seen. The goddess Petrina Fung, is the Hongkong film "living fossil", this is the same as the 50 director Jing Wong invited participating, a suplex put Andy Lau down on the ground, let people exclaim "spicy ginger or old". And the following 60, 70, 80 and 90 after the age of every age stage has a typical starring role, Xie Yilin, Wu Yue, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei and other stars to join the movie lineup is more starry and bright, enough to see Jing Wong director’s appeal. It is reported that the film "ace ace" by gravitational film, make the beauty of film, film shares, star Dynasty produced flagship pictures, dream maker, Star Media, the future of Asia Pacific, lithography era, earth film, Hengdian film, happy blue ocean, Baidu Nuomi pictures, Iqiyi pictures, gravity International Co produced, Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming. Starring Wong Cho Lam, Hu Ran, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin, Junjie Mao, Wu Yue, Petrina Fung, Xu Dongdong, starring Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei, Shen Teng, especially in the film will laugh, PA National Archives on October 1, 2016.

《王牌逗王牌》八大看点 国庆档惟一走心走肾喜剧 《王牌逗王牌》笑料片段 刘德华黄晓明上演“床”戏 由王晶执导,刘德华、黄晓明领衔主演,王祖蓝、胡然、欧阳娜娜、谢依霖、毛俊杰、吴樾、冯宝宝、徐冬冬主演,沈腾、赵英俊、戚薇等特别出演的电影《王牌逗王牌》于10月1日全国公映。影片讲述了的是刘德华饰演的囧探宝爷在众人的帮助下与世界恐怖组织抢夺“上帝种子”,冒险夺宝拯救世界的故事。十一假期佳片云集,而《王牌逗王牌》是今年国庆档唯一一部动作喜剧大片。翘首期盼的观众终于能在电影院中走心笑一回,减压一假期。上映当日,片方曝光了一张手绘海报,并甄选本片八大看点,让观众一睹为快。笑翻天!国庆唯一动作喜剧 六大王牌强强联手作为今年国庆档唯一一部动作喜剧大片,《王牌逗王牌》不仅有刘德华和黄晓明这对天王教主首次交手,更汇集了内地三地影坛实力喜剧大将:去年年度喜剧《夏洛特烦恼》里的沈腾、综艺活宝王祖蓝、用洪荒之力hold住一切画风的谢依霖和甜美女神欧阳娜娜,可谓是才华与颜值兼具的一支王牌主创队伍。预告中,刘德华不是背部被炸得惨不忍睹就是屁股受伤被包得像个木乃伊。导演说:“这部电影绝对会让你看到一个不同以往的刘德华。”如此耀眼的阵容,过瘾的动作武打,加上笑料饱满毫不拖沓的剧情,《王牌逗王牌》的王牌之势将成为国庆黄金周独一无二的洪荒猛兽。活久见!刘德华黄晓明沈腾携手献唱 主题曲《笑一笑》让你十年少对于主题曲《笑一笑》这首歌,刘德华极为重视,不但亲自作词,并盛情邀请黄晓明、沈腾加入到合唱当中来。三位曾在不同场合都唱过《屯儿》这首歌,此次在电影里一拍即合,顺势组成了一支名叫“三里屯”的天王级音乐组合。谈及创作这首歌曲的初衷,刘德华笑着说:“我想创作一首带一点香港经典武侠电影味道的歌出来。希望在有浩然正气的同时,还能让大家《笑一笑》。”首度合体献声的三位王牌一秒钟变身歌神,富有磁性的演唱辨识度极高,铿锵有力的歌词告诉我们:只要脚踏实地为自己的梦想拼搏奋斗,每个人都是王牌!超可爱!侠盗家族再添大将 超能萌犬激萌银幕 电影中,洛家作为侠盗世家,不但家庭成员个个身怀绝技,就连家中身为宠物的肉松也是十八般武艺样样精通。作为侠盗家族的一员大将,这支名为“肉松”的泰迪在刘德华与主人黄晓明PK的重要环节一展神功,瞬间偷来华哥的手机,让黄晓明不动声色间先拔头筹。谈到这段戏,刘德华笑着说:“没想到一条狗会这么厉害,简直都快成精了!”连刘德华这样的天王都心甘情愿被“调戏”,肉松的魅力与实力可见一斑。除了武功高强,肉松在片场也是让所有人萌出一脸血。开门、握手、撒娇等动作样样精通,顺利俘虏了所有人的心。真是呆到深处自然萌!巨过瘾!纵横全球冒险夺宝 重金打造华丽视效为了给观众奉上一部完全不同的动作冒险喜剧,《王牌逗王牌》剧组历时174天,足迹遍及北京、香港、澳门、米兰四座国际化大都市,行程15000公里,只为把每一地最华丽的场景拍进电影里去。正所谓功夫不负有心人,美轮美奂的实景拍摄、浓郁热烈的异国风情,都为电影增色不少。特别是米兰的圣西罗体育场,众主创化身王牌足球队,在这座名闻全球的体育场实景拍摄,创造了中国电影的又一个先例。不仅如此,片方还安排了直升机邮轮的大场面调度、拳拳到肉而又不失幽默的打斗、惊心动魄的飞车爆炸……这些无不给观众留下深刻印象。《王牌逗王牌》重金打造的华丽视效,使之成为2016年最具话题性的作品之一。无死角!集喜剧动作冒险元素于一身 360度辐射各年龄层观众除却最核心的搞笑夺宝主线外,影片也有大量动作、警匪、励志等元素的加入,带给观众更多意料之外的惊喜和收获。街头飙车、地面枪战已经能从预告片中觅得踪迹,而刘德华与黄晓明组成的“囧探侠盗”组合也为影片加分不少。《王牌逗王牌》除了一路欢笑,还在探讨关于家庭,关于梦想的方方面面。刘德华饰演的囧探宝爷,虽然闯祸能力第一,但还是坚持自己要做一名好警察的信仰!相信对于梦想的坚持,一定会戳中很多70后甚至80后的心。而贯穿始终的轻松搞笑元素,想必会俘获更多年轻观众及老年观众的心。可以说,《王牌逗王牌》全方位无死角辐射各年龄层观众,是真正的合家欢喜剧,适合国庆假期全家一起去感受王牌们的魅力。补脑洞!谢依霖情挑三大男神 大尺度激情戏刷新三观自此前在预告片中惊鸿一瞥后,《王牌逗王牌》自开拍以来,谢依霖在《王牌逗王牌》中与几位男主演三大男神的对手戏感情戏就一直备受瞩目。预告中,刘德华上演花车把妹,举手投足间的帅气让谢依霖看傻眼。面对黄晓明,谢依霖更是性感上阵,情到浓时两人生扑硬舔,尺度如此之大的激情场面配上那句销魂的“奔跑吧,禽兽”,着实令人脸红心跳。谢依霖笑着说:“这应该是电影里最酷最牛的一个角色了,有一堆人保护我。不止晓明哥,所有人都围着我转!”然而,与天王、教主过招这一切还只是开胃菜,谢依霖与王祖蓝的激情戏才是真正的“刷新三观”,对此谢依霖说:“我们两个的激情戏绝对是挑战人类的道德底线!” 大起底!黄金幕后班底集结 成就国庆喜剧盛宴此次王晶导演是有备而来,《王牌逗王牌》的幕后制作团队也是含金量十足,囊括了一手打造《北京爱情故事》的内地著名制片人李亚平;曾凭借《满城尽带黄金甲》中夺目的服装设计,获第79届奥斯卡金像奖最佳服装设计提名的奚仲文;特效指导则是来自香港的视觉特效师黄宏达,凭借电影《黄飞鸿之英雄有梦》获得第34届香港电影金像奖“最佳视觉效果奖”;曾为电影《夏洛特烦恼》《卧虎藏龙2》作曲的内地知名音乐人董冬冬。此外,摄影指导姜国民、武术指导林迪安、录音指导曾景祥的加盟也为影片的高品质奠定了坚实的基础。够大牌!客串阵容星光灿烂 王晶请来半个电影圈除了近乎奢侈的主演群星以及堪称华语喜剧最顶端的幕后配置,导演王晶还请来一众明星友情客串,绝对是2016最强演员列阵。从50后的冯宝宝一直到00后的欧阳娜娜,主创团队涵盖了近乎所有年龄层,堪称有史以来年龄跨度最大的喜剧剧组。女神冯宝宝,可说是香港电影的“活化石”,此次被同为50后的王晶导演力邀参演,一个过肩摔就把刘德华摆平在地,让人惊呼“姜还是老的辣”。而接下来的60后、70后、80后、90后,每个年龄阶段都有代表性的主演,谢依霖、吴樾、赵英俊、戚薇等明星的加盟让影片阵容更加星光熠熠,足可见王晶导演的号召力。据悉,电影《王牌逗王牌》由引力影视、爱美影视、中影股份、星王朝出品,旗舰影业、梦造者、易星传媒、亚太未来、微影时代、大地电影、幸福蓝海、横店影视、百度糯米影业、引力国际、爱奇艺影业联合出品,刘德华、黄晓明领衔主演,王祖蓝、胡然、欧阳娜娜、谢依霖、毛俊杰、吴樾、冯宝宝、徐冬冬等主演,沈腾、赵英俊、戚薇等特别出演,影片将于2016年10月1日笑霸国庆档。相关的主题文章: