The typhoon catfish affects the rain in the middle of the day and the heavy rain in the day.-superrecovery

Typhoon catfish affected the spike, today’s heavy rain and heavy rain. The national day’s weather is stable. Before yesterday, 4:40, typhoon "catfish" finally landed on the coastal area of Huian, Quanzhou, Fujian. Affected by "catfish", yesterday, there was a heavy rainstorm in Chaozhou and Meizhou. The largest rainfall in Meizhou province was 150.1 mm, and 7 to 9 gale appeared in eastern Guangdong, northern Guangdong and eastern Guangdong. For yesterday’s Guangzhou, the influence of "catfish" is the cancellation of the high temperature warning signal. However, under the combined influence of "catfish" circulation and cold air, from 28 nights to 29 days, there was moderate rain and heavy rain in Guangzhou. The precipitation in Conghua and Huadu was slightly obvious, the temperature dropped by 6 degrees, and the land and offshore gust 6 to 8. The National Day holiday is expected, Guangzhou weather is generally stable, in some time, there are showers, the offshore gust of 6 to 8. In addition, the eighteenth typhoon this year, "Siam hop" (tropical storm level, English Name: Chaba; Name: Thailand; name meaning: growth in tropical flowers in 28, 14) in the Northwest Pacific generation. But "Chaba" the next five days had no effect on Guangzhou. The meteorological department predicted that the 28 night ~29 day, northern Guangdong and eastern Guangdong cities and counties of heavy rain to heavy rain, 30 precipitation in the province obviously weakened. Guangzhou today cloudy cloudy, with rain locally heavy rain, the temperature between 22 DEG C to 28 DEG C, and the north wind blowing; tomorrow cloudy to cloudy with showers, temperatures ranging from 20 DEG C to 28 DEG C, blowing the light to moderate northerly winds; October 1st, cloudy, with showers, temperatures ranged from 22 degrees to 30 degrees. The north wind blowing slightly. Huang Xideng

台风鲇鱼影响穗今日中雨局部大雨 国庆天气平稳   昨日4时40分前后,台风“鲇鱼”终于在福建省泉州市惠安县沿海地区再次上岸。受“鲇鱼”影响,昨日,潮州和梅州出现了暴雨局部大暴雨,其中梅州大埔西河镇录得全省最大雨量150.1毫米,粤东、粤北市县和粤东海面出现了7级~9级大风。   对于昨日的广州而言,“鲇鱼”的影响就是高温预警信号全部取消。不过,在“鲇鱼”环流和冷空气的共同影响下,28日夜间至29日,广州有中雨局部大雨,从化、花都降水略明显,气温下降6℃左右,陆地及近海阵风6到8级。预计国庆假期,广州天气总体平稳,部分时段有阵雨,近海阵风6到8级。   另外,今年第18号台风“暹芭”(热带风暴级,英文名:Chaba;名字来源:泰国;名字意义:一种生长于热带地区的花)于28日14时在西北太平洋洋面上生成。但“暹芭”未来五天对广州无影响。气象部门预测,28日夜间~29日,粤北和粤东市县有大雨到暴雨,30日全省降水明显减弱。   广州今日阴天间多云,有中雨局部大雨,气温介于22℃到28℃,吹和缓的偏北风;明日阴天到多云,有阵雨,气温介于20℃到28℃,吹轻微至和缓的偏北风;10月1日,阴天,有阵雨,气温介于22℃到30℃,吹轻微的偏北风。   黄熙灯相关的主题文章: