The woman was crushed to death a large truck drilled vehicle full responsibility (Figure)

The woman was crushed to death a large truck drilled vehicle full responsibility (Figure) original title: Ji’nan woman was crushed to death in a large truck to take full responsibility for their own public drilled vehicle network Ji’nan on November 11th news recently, Ji’nan city Shungeng bizarre road traffic accident occurred, rolling a middle-aged woman was stopped at the side of the van to death. Police investigation found that the death of the woman into the bottom of a large truck. And about half an hour before the accident, the woman also tried to bump into a bus, fortunately, when the bus driver brake in time. The woman suddenly ran out from the side of the road, lying in front of a 66 bus. Women’s self drilling large trucks, a large truck driver said he knew nothing. The evening of September 11th 21 PM, police received a public warning after Ji’nan city rushed to the Shungeng Road intersection north road, Shun Yu, I saw a middle-aged woman lying on the sidewalk, there is a lot of blood on the scene, the medical staff confirmed that the woman had died on the spot. However, rolling the woman’s big truck driver said he did not know how to hit. With the deepening of the investigation, the police found a very important clue: this woman died in the incident about half an hour before hitting a bus. Monitor screen display, the bus traveling to the Shunyu Road intersection to Shungeng Road South, the woman suddenly rushed from the roadside the front of the bus, the bus driver did not brake in time fortunately hit her. Subsequently, the police from a nearby temporary parking place of trucks retrieved a surveillance video, the video can clearly see the woman active near the truck, and down into a large goods vehicle. So far, the case for women in the fast lane The case is entirely cleared., deliberately sitting or lying, for causing the accident, take full responsibility for the accident. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: