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The children in the class, the mother "cheat" children, even into the Tsinghua – Sohu maternal face life, maybe we have a pair of eye, but in the child’s education, parents should be the best open one eye, one eye closed. With open eyes to see the child’s strengths, strengths and potential, the child’s shortcomings, deficiencies and problems, if we can close their eyes, those shortcomings, deficiencies and problems do not exist. A mother to open the parents meeting, the results of the teacher told the mother, his children in the worst class, up to three minutes to distraction. After the mother went back to "cheat" the child said: the teacher praised you, said you can now sit three points, great progress. Children are very excited. He was able to sit for five minutes, for ten minutes…… The mother with this "cheat" method has been the child "cheat" into the Tsinghua University. A student of Chinese test only 12 points, the teacher asked him why he did not test well, he said that the Chinese are not interested in the class did not listen carefully. The teacher "cheat" he said: "you are not interested, not seriously listen to can test 12 points, that you are too powerful. If you spend a little time, it will be better." The next time the child exam 20 points, teacher and exaggeration to say that he is very clever, use a little force on the progress of so much, the child in the teacher’s "tricks", has been hard, finally getting better results. The teacher used this method to "trick" every child into thinking he was the cleverest. He created the myth of China education, whether he is taking over the poor class, after a year of education, his class will no longer have a poor students, each class is divided into the first, on the way ahead of other schools. There is a world-class "big liar", called Rosenthal, he is a world-famous psychologist. Once he went to a school, pick a dozen children, that they are gifted, the results after eight months, the headmaster of the school and the teachers really found these children progress obviously, slowly become a genius. This "scam" was later called the "Rosenthal effect", also known as "expectation effect"". Almost any teacher of education knows this scam". Who can understand some truth from the grasp of the "trick", will become a good teacher. Unfortunately, many teachers know this scam, but because he has a pair of eye, can not turn a blind eye to the problem on the children to see clearly, finally can’t be the best teacher. Education can be a very simple thing. The best education is to "cheat" the children and tell him that he is the best. Parents often say to me their distress, saying that their children are very naive, unlike other people’s children sensible. In general, I congratulate the parents. Because, when a child is still relatively naive, he gave the parents cheat his opportunity. If a child looks like an old head on young shoulders of his parents, "even sniff at, that is not to regard it as right, so boring, education will lose one of the most powerful weapon. Why is there such a huge threat to cheat相关的主题文章: