The writer wants to kneel down and sing and conquer!

The writer too knelt down to sing God wants to conquer! You are the main female apprentice? Wen: Vizier (micro signal from drama to say junengshuo) when we are still immersed in "love" and develop a plan for the sage shock can not extricate themselves, I also give you a Amway also destroyed three concept, bean petal a score of 9.1 ~ 2015 although the Russian drama series, but recently has been on the top of the page. The play is called "betrayal", tells a story of a thirty year old man named married woman. Maybe you want to say that a thirty year old married woman can have any interesting story? I can only say: at first I thought so, but Russia, we are too naive! As the same title, begins to speak all the time in the event of betrayal, to tell the story from the perspective of ashia. My hair, wearing a gray brown dress, big sweater, frock coats, BF style jeans, a ten year old young girls should be different. But with the makeup of the face and almost ashia life without love expression, I have only one idea, that’s what this woman looks really is not more haggard. Her and her husband’s feelings must not harmonious! And the name is betrayal! Difficult to become her husband derailed? With this conjecture, we see Assiya back home, see I know the following picture down down down! It’s really off the rails! Look at her red eyes and desperate eyes! But wait, why doesn’t she get up? Haha, that was not her husband (Kirill)! Next door is the game! But as you said Assiya, beside or tube? Even if it’s your nephew, you can’t get used to him! (originally nephew) this is the problem, her husband is too cold, don’t give a damn about what. By Assiya word is: my life is stagnant. We believe that many people have had a boyfriend playing the game regardless of what, you put a huff to delete his game experience. Gas itself is not as interesting as a game, the other side is more concerned about the game than their own. So is the mistress, and delete the very thorough. But her husband also was a Leng Leng, then nothing too big reaction, really do not care about anything. Another supporting role Dasha and her husband get along is not happy, only one theme all day, that is, and her husband divorced. The reason is because in her husband’s cell phone and other female friends to see ambiguous messages. But from a number of times has never been successful. Dasa and Assiya is not the same, tall dasa exquisite beauty, and the family is very rich, is a very strong woman. A husband and not fight, regardless of any time to fight. And then expensive pen ah glasses ah perfume ah, said hit it. Two marriage unfortunate woman, because of a collision again. When the young camp activities like two people to know, but after the end of the activities of the two people did not contact.相关的主题文章: