These restaurants tell you not to eat fat

These restaurants tell you eat not fat lead: although it is stick autumn fat season, but a month do not lose weight, keep to so. Seeing his face more and more rounded belly rings and a layer, which we can not, so every day there are countless melancholy heart to join the central army to lose weight. (source: Yue Tour China Author: Mona) concerned about the public number, there are cavity tune, see more exciting original content! But the weight loss should be well, first from the diet, every day can eat leaves chenqie do ah, it can not even eat healthy eating and not fat? Certainly. (enter Wyatt tour Chinese subscription number more wonderful service) fresh and safe organic restaurant with more and more food safety problems exposed, people pay more attention to fresh and safe food itself, also created the market for organic food richly endowed by nature. Organic food mainly comes from the ecological good organic agricultural production system. It is strictly monitored in the process of production and processing, completely free of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, growth hormone is not using transgenic technology, which is a kind of ecological food really comes from natural, rich nutrition, high quality and safety and environmental protection. Organic food is relatively organic food is concerned, in recent years in China more and more prosperous, the restaurant is not necessarily a vegetarian restaurant, can also be carnivorous’s paradise, in any case, when you don’t eat junk food, health will be closer to you. Beijing Tribe in the hustle and bustle of Sanlitun, Tribe is particularly refreshing and pleasant. In the "You are you eat and, drink breathe" slogan, its healthy eating enthusiasts, the introduction of fresh and delicious creative cuisine, led the enjoyment of the vitality of the healthy lifestyle of the what. From the Greek salad quinoa, healthy miso soup to Thai buckwheat flavor noodles, in the Tribe, whether it is food or drinks are unique, here to provide organic coffee freshly baked, without any added nutritional function of fruit juice and smoothie, tea has a unique flavor of Oriental organic…… Different organic ingredients in the form of innovation and simplicity of the pendulum and packaging. Address: 116 yuan per capita: China Red Street No. 2 building, Beijing City, Chaoyang District Road No. 3 1 Tel: 010-85871899 MOKA Bro ‘s MOKA Bro s Mocha station "is a collection of leisure, social and delicacy as one of the urban site concept rooted in the Daniel and Alex of the two founders of the motherland – Venezuela and Columbia. MOKA Bro ‘s achieved two people love the convenience of modern South American restaurant. In such a place of safety, intimacy and pleasure. The restaurant follows the fresh and healthy concept, and each dish is kept on site, and less salt, less sugar, no preservatives and additives, non fried. Whether the whole grains are rich in vitamins and protein (rice and quinoa) and antioxidant activity of vegetables, or delicious ice.相关的主题文章: