This is not scientific! Ten unscientific aspects of home

This is not scientific! The ten Home Furnishing design unscientific introduction: there are many worthy points in the design of Home Furnishing Tucao, always make people’s life very inconvenient, Xiao Bian summed up the following points Tucao most common, don’t know if you feel the same? Come and look at the big ten unscientific unreasonable places in your home is there? This is not scientific! The ten Home Furnishing design unscientific plug design number is not enough: for example: moving a general electric will drag in the drag strip; the kitchen appliances have no spare plug; the night lying in bed playing mobile phone found no electricity, ready to charge the mobile phone, found no jack on the edge; no wash off Jack and use the hair dryer to blow hair what ah, very convenient. This is not scientific! Home design of the ten unscientific toilet and bathroom do not separate, the ground is always wet after the bath, the last toilet also has feet. Conditional must install bathtubs and shower bath stand, two feel a world of difference. Do you think that one day you move back home, legs acid is dead, you are lying and standing shower, bath, which is cool? The bathroom with a glass partition method can solve this problem very well. This is not scientific! No lights or romantic wall design of the ten left Home Furnishing unscientific bedroom, and love in the love process, after a particularly useful or convenient to get up at night to go to the toilet, you can also open a small light and love niwai ah, say love like ah. The light will be too bright to affect the interest. This is not scientific! Home design of the ten unscientific bedside cabinet in the design of a hidden drawer or box, with some interesting items in it… These things are not good to hide, easy to be seen by family, friends, more difficult to love. And hide away, you will find it inconvenient to take these things out, feeling atmosphere is too damaged. So the bedside is a great choice. But I don’t know how to design it. This is not scientific! The ten unscientific features of home design are for friends who like music, and sound in the kitchen and bathroom. From then on, a person who cooks and music is accompanying you, who is not afraid of cooking alone. When he takes a shower, he drunks and sing with his voice. This problem can be solved with iPad waterproof bag. It is not a problem to listen to the song by the edge of the bath. This is not scientific! There are ten unscientific aspects of home design. The kitchen sink is far away from the kitchen stove. So when preparing dishes, the table tops and floors will be dripped. It’s not convenient to wash the dishes. It’s all right if you get a close turn. The position of the oil fume machine is a little inconvenient. Every time the stir fry wants to look at the head and look at it carefully, it is always afraid to hit the head. This little editor is really the same feeling. It really is expected to have a scientific design to solve this problem. The design of a shelf on the side of the wash table wall, with the use of the use, wash out the head, wash a small ornament to dry quickly, super convenient. 从此不用再翻箱倒柜的找电吹风啦,也不用用完再缠线啦。

这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处导语:家居设计中有很多值得大家吐槽的点,总是能让人生活的十分不便,小编总结了以下最常见的吐槽点,不知道您是不是也感同身受呢?快来看看十大不科学不合理的地方,你家有没有呢?  这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处  插头设计个数不够:例如:移动一个电器总要拖着碍事的拖线板; 厨房里的电器没有多余的插头; 晚上躺在床上玩手机发现没电了,准备给手机充电,发现边上没有插孔; 洗漱台边上没有插孔,用电吹风吹吹头发啊什么的,很不方便。  这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处  卫生间和洗澡间不隔开,洗澡之后地面总是湿漉漉的,上个厕所还要垫着脚。有条件的一定要安装浴缸,泡澡和站着淋浴,两个天壤之别的感受。你想想一天你运动回家后,腿都酸死了,你是躺着泡澡,和站着淋,哪个爽?浴室用玻璃隔断的方法就能很好的解决这个问题。  这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处  卧室里没有留小灯或者浪漫的壁灯,和爱人在爱 爱的过程中、结束后特别有用,或者方便夜里起床上厕所,也可以开着小灯和爱人腻歪啊、说情话啊之类的。开大灯会太亮了,影响情趣。  这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处  床头柜里设计一个隐蔽的抽屉或者盒子,里面放着一些情趣用品……这些东西不好藏啊, 容易被家人、朋友翻看到,多难为情。 而且藏的远,你会发现很不方便,情到浓时出去拿这些东西太破坏气氛了。 所以床边上是绝佳的选择。不过还不知道怎么设计……  这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处  对于喜欢音乐的朋友,在厨房和洗澡间里装上音响。从此一个人做饭有音乐陪着你,再也不怕一个人做饭了,洗澡的时候一边淋一边伴随着歌声高歌一曲,实在爽哉。这个问题用ipad防水袋就能解决啦~边洗澡边听歌不是问题。  这不科学!家居设计的十大不科学之处  厨房里洗菜水池与灶台离得远,这样准备炒菜在拿菜时候会滴台面和地板都是水滴,洗锅也不方便。要是离得近转个身就都弄好了。  油烟机装的位置实在有点不方便,每次炒菜想低头仔细看看熟了没有,总是怕撞到头。这一点小编实在是感同身受啊~真是期望能有个科学的设计解决掉这个问题。  洗漱台墙边上设计一个放电吹风的架子,随用随拿,洗完头吹下、洗个小饰品想快点干吹下,超级方便。 从此不用再翻箱倒柜的找电吹风啦,也不用用完再缠线啦。相关的主题文章: