To put this thing to take the car trunk was the owner of weak legs (video) ca1290

The owner of the vehicle trunk trunk to weak legs put this thing take the car was have escape device in the UK, passers-by found a MITSUBISHI outlander car rear with the plastered things, they came to see, did not think he was shocked, these things turned out to be a bee, then they were reported to the police. After the police contacted the owner, the owner arrived also dare not believe, leave a day had become like this, the police also contacted the beekeeping association people want each other to help get rid of bees. Beekeeping Association personnel to carry out a detailed inspection after the inspection could be called the car has something sweet, attracted the queen and invasion of the car, and finally led to such a situation. Then with the carton and brush beekeeping Association bees were removed, the results with the 5 bee box to remove almost, the number of close to twenty thousand, and the residual hundreds only automatically fly away. Beekeeping association staff said the next few days may have bee chase, the owner heard the face is black, Xiao Bian said owners can only be considered unlucky, that the owners of all the way. The driver noticed, small sums up some things can not be put back: 1, mineral water, there are rumors that the mineral water can not be a long time to put it in the trunk, drink will cause because of exposure in the trunk. In order to verify the exposure of mineral water will not precipitate harmful substances, some people have done an experiment, the results show that, whether or not exposed, bottled water samples were not found carcinogenic substances. So, the car after exposure to mineral water is safe, but suggested that the owners try not to drink after exposure to mineral water, it is best to expect myself to drink water, placed in the car compartments, after the water began, in a short period of time to finish, otherwise easy to deteriorate. 2, carbonated drinks carbonated drinks and mineral water, is not for a long time to put the trunk, one hand bottled carbonated drinks by high temperature will produce harmful substances, on the other hand, carbonated drinks contain high concentrations of carbon dioxide under high temperature, easy expansion caused by packaging burst. 3, disposable lighters some people like to smoke lighter on the dashboard, which is very dangerous, especially in the summer. Because of the high temperature and sunshine (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) irradiation, liquid butane lighter in the expansion, resulting in a lighter internal pressure, if bumps or collision in the running, it is easy to explode. 4 glasses and a magnifying glass, I believe we all know, with a magnifying glass on paper in the sun, soon will burn paper. If the refraction effect of presbyopic glasses or magnifying glass in the car, after a long time of sunlight irradiation, the phenomenon of spontaneous combustion is likely to occur, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. 5, the drug at high temperature for a long time, drug resistance will be weakened or the occurrence of other chemical changes, and then use the possible hazards, so as not to put the drugs in the boot. 6, perfume put perfume in the car is the favorite of many owners, both fresh air, but also enhance the grid. However, in fact, perfume can not really remove the odor, which contains chemicals in the high temperature and even cause harm to the human body, equivalent to chronic poisoning. 7, the main raw material of optical disc is polycarbonate, containing toxic chemical raw material bisphenol A, the car temperature is too high!相关的主题文章: