U.S. media visit India only Chinese cities will rise with the rise of China’s new pgd-426

U.S. media visited India only China City: with the rise of Chinese revitalize Calcutta old city Chinese, Lee opened Dongan hall door. (VOA radio website) reference news network October 31st reported that the U.S. media said, with the rise of China economic and trade relations between China and India, becoming more frequent, the old town of Calcutta Chinese also appeared more and more China elements, will be renewed in the near future. According to voice of America radio website reported on October 22nd in India, West Bengal, Calcutta "old Chinese city" in the Dongan hall, located in the old building of a British colonial period, the door frame and the roof, exquisite stone carvings and marble pillars are highlights here once brilliant, but outside the streets are filled with construction waste and garbage, beggars and wild dogs in the street looked at passers-by. Take care of the hall lilaobo said: "here is the core area of the old Chinatown." Hall on the first floor of the hall was empty, a destitute. The two floor is only a long table, a dozen plastic chairs, booth worship Guan Gong, hanging on the wall Chinese calendar. "What has not come here," Lee said, "when it is on holidays, there will be some old Chinese here to have a dinner together, young people are gone, many people emigrated to canada." Lee is 62 years old this year, is the third generation of immigrants, home in Shenzhen, is home to the fireworks business, the two sons went to Taiwan to study, after graduation to stay in there, get married and have children, "they are not willing to come back to India, where poor sanitary conditions, life is hard, young people do not want to come back, now, there are only some of the elderly. Lee described confirmed near several streets China desolate city. In the few Chinese with signs of shop, Sun Yat Sen road "the restaurant door closed, another street" Baochang goldsmith "has been sold since the change over, soy sauce, sesame oil and other Chinese spices, once named after Lu Xun street has been changed to India street, just like the other many Indians took over after changed the name of the shop. According to the "Calcutta Chinese history Baochang goldsmith boss Lee said, first came to Calcutta with a Chinese British merchant named Yang Taizhao, and Fujian, time is 1778. He later brought from home more than and 100 folks in Calcutta opened a sugar factory, offering sugar to the British people. The Chinese in Calcutta are called the ancestors as "Uncle" or "A Zhao", and the identification of the earliest Chinese city should start by dabogong that time, it should be over 230 years. After the death of A Zhao, the area where the factory was named after him as Archie Poole. By the middle of the last century, the old city of Calcutta, Chinese restaurants, shops, opium shops, pharmacies, casinos and other businesses. During that time in India before and after independence, the colonial government and the new government of India are vulnerable, China is like a "China country", in the self management, self development basically state. However, during this period, the Chinese in Calcutta and 7相关的主题文章: