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Uncle also loves to see! The animated rankings of tears and tears have always been placed in the near future. But there are some works of the story is very touching, then let us look after you couldn’t help crying. Sometimes just because people are middle-aged, it is more likely to be hit by the plot. Recently, the Japanese media have investigated the animated animations that have moved the middle aged more than 40 years old in recent years to look at it. At the top is "no flowers". This work has not only made many young people find the moving of the year, but also touched the heart of a lot of middle-aged audience. But to see the most complete work, the TV version is also recommended. And the second line is "ORANGE". Because this involves the theme of "changing the past from the future". A lot of people tend to think, "if there’s a regret medicine in the world, it’s good!" This work gives us infinite space for imagination. At the same time, the fourth "ReLIFE" is a similar theme, and it seems to be particularly able to resonate with middle-aged people. In addition, in the third row is the "leaf" Zhiting. Although this works from the popularity than "five seconds" or "now hit your name. "But the plot itself still makes people look and sob." About fifth of the works are "Penguin cans". This work is not only artistic, but also incorporates some real events at the end of the last century, which is also experienced by middle-aged audiences, and perhaps more emotional. [even love the animation more than 40 year old audience would be moved by the works of first "no name]" second "ORANGE" third "leaf" Zhiting Fourth "ReLIFE" fifth "tank" rotary Penguin download Tencent anime APP, more popular animation works

大叔也爱看!近期让人哭泪崩的动画排名一直以来,动画作品往往都是为了给观众们带来放松而存在的。不过这其中也有部分作品的剧情非常感人,让我们看完之后忍不住嚎啕大哭。有时候恰恰因为人过中年了,才更会被剧情所打动。近日,有日本媒体调查了最近几年让40多岁的中年人为之感动的动画,一起看看吧。排在榜首的是《未闻花名》。这部作品不光让很多年轻人找到了当年的感动,也触动了很多中年观众的内心。不过要想看最完整的作品,还是推荐TV版了。而排在第2的是《ORANGE》。因为这涉及到了“从未来改变过去”的主题。很多人往往都会在想:如果这个世界上存在后悔药就好了!这部作品就给了我们无限想象的空间。同时,排在第4的《ReLIFE》也是类似的主题,看来特别能引发中年人的共鸣。另外,排在第3的是《言叶之庭》。虽然说这部作品从知名度而言比不上《秒五》或者是现在热映的《你的名字。》,但剧情本身还是让人看了之后唏嘘不已。至于排在第5的作品是《回转企鹅罐》,这部作品不但很有艺术性,而且融入了上世纪末的一些真实事件,这也是中年观众亲身经历过的,或许也因此更有感触吧?【连不喜欢看动画的40多岁观众都会感动的作品】第1位 《未闻花名》第2位 《ORANGE》第3位 《言叶之庭》第4位 《ReLIFE》第5位 《回转企鹅罐》点击下载腾讯动漫APP,看更多人气动漫作品相关的主题文章: