Uzbek President dying in office for 25 years has pushed all the way along the expulsion of U.S. forc

Uzbek President: dying in office for 25 years has expelled U.S. forces pushed all the way along the 25 years as president of Uzbekistan Karimov 27, China on the west side of Uzbekistan, the 78 year old president Karimov sudden cerebral hemorrhage, was admitted to ICU treatment. Lying on the bed of the old man, since the collapse of the Soviet Union, served as the leader of Uzbekistan has been 25 years. What does he think when he is in a confused state of mind? Is the 2005 "expedition" Andijon incident? Or was he regarded as successor but then the relationship between the big daughter? Or are you worried that the Central Asian power will fall into a civil war of all kinds? The details of Wucongkaozheng, but review the strongman’s life, enough a sigh. From the orphanage to the presidential palace: the power of economic experts on the road in January 30, 1938, Karimov was born in the ancient city of Central Asia, Samarkand. He is the sixth child in the family, the father is a general staff, the mother is a typical housewife of the family of seven. On the Silk Road, the ancient city of Samarkand, foreign media news that Karimov was born in the war years, was raised in orphanages. In 1960, graduated from the Central Institute of Karimov to participate in the work, served as foreman and assistant engineer in Tashkent agricultural machinery factory. Second years, he was transferred to the aircraft manufacturing plant, as an engineer and senior engineer. During this time he continued to study, to the Tashkent Institute of economics received a degree in economics. In 1964, Karimov joined the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, two years after entering politics. In 1966, he was sent to the Uzbek Republic from the National Planning Commission, a senior expert, gradually rose to the first vice chairman of the State Planning commission. Relying on a wealth of grassroots work experience and their own expertise, Karimov won a great reputation. According to the description, President Karimov speaks Russian and native language, understand english. He has very good words, good eloquence, unscripted speech can be off the reel. He was described in a document as "stubborn personality, thirst for knowledge, and direct access to the core of the problem. This is Karimov." Talking about himself, Karimov once said: "when I was young, only one goal, is to be accomplished in the specialty, I hope when people talk about when I said," this man knows about his things, is an expert. "." As a mechanical engineer, economist and vice president of economics Karimov in politics, or a "high yield" writer. So far, he has published "Uzbekistan: transition to the market economy, the unique pattern of", "deepening of economic reform in Uzbekistan", "Uzbekistan: national independence, economic, political and ideology", "our goal: freedom and prosperity of the motherland" and many other books. The works of Karimov "near Uzbekistan in twenty-first Century: the threat and progress of the condition and guarantee safety" in 1986, Karimov became the number two man, three years after further consolidate their political status, was elected as the first Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of uzbekistan. Soon, the Soviet Union in 1991, Uzbekistan declared independence, Karimov was elected president and re elected so far, and so on相关的主题文章: