Wang, gains apan awards and certificates overseas bursting with popularity (video)-ca1816

Wang, gains APAN awards and certificates of overseas Tencent before bursting with popularity entertainment news, the fifth APAN Star Awards awards ceremony ended in Seoul on October 2nd, the new Asian male god, with its exquisite deep acting and high popularity success won a Rising Star award, the only award became the first overseas Chinese star, this award he is also the harvest! After winning, because of busy filming a new movie the day failed to attend the award of the king, the first time for video said: "thank you very much APAN Star Award recognition of me, this time because of work reasons unable to attend the award I am very sorry, I will comply with you personally thank next time, thank you for my fans, I love you!" The video will draw a piece of cheers, the atmosphere immediately HIGH to the boiling point. In addition, the charm out of the new Asian male god, not only to personal record of Chinese film starring in Korean success, several invited on the Korean famous magazine cover, became the first free in the Korean fan meeting held personal star. At the same time, the king for the first time recently invited to attend the bazaar Charity Night, who donated ten ambulances and 700 thousand warm heart help charity, many users refer to bursting with warm heart. This time through the awards ceremony and the fans to meet the king of the mainland in a video way, once again caught the hearts of fans, in various media coverage, but also once again witnessed the king’s overseas high popularity! The king, that handsome debut "domineering male by love相关的主题文章: