What a pity that you missed a good singer named Qiao Renliang (video)-kasey chase

It is most unfortunate that you missed a good singer named Qiao Renliang [Abstract] sense, a voice, but also music pursuit of Qiao Renliang, the lack of a hit song, let him change from "good-looking actor" to "sing the singer in the hearts of the people". Qiao Renliang "your beloved" Tencent (April) entertainment Zhuangao: Qiao Renliang is a pretty boy. He passed away, even those who do not know him, also facing the handsome face news sigh pity". Although in recent years, Qiao Renliang’s activities are movies, TV series, beautiful face also let him become a lot of people, "God", "husband". But since his debut, he has been, has always wanted to be a singer. In 2007 before the "hero" became popular, he participated in the 2005 Hunan TV’s "Golden Star" singing talent show and won the championship. From 2008’s first album, "today," Qiao Renliang has been writing. "This song from" Libra music song, full of love for the music of Qiao Renliang taste: electric guitar pop punk, crisp, and young sense. Qiao Renliang early in the draft of the song, there are a lot of their own creation, obvious preference rock out Qiao Renliang’s heart: be longing for freedom, uninhibited, may may rebel. In addition to punk, Qiao Renliang also likes to sing britpop. In 2009, the launch of the two language version of "lovely you", is the equivalent of British rock works. Now it seems that the lyrics of this song let a person infinite regret, as if the fans wanted to sing has gone Qiao Renliang’s voice: you now hold tightly with too much memory you smile you how to cry lovely you your baby lost in my eyes you can find your hand to me I promise you my heart is trembling for your hot to fly to the sky to light up the night you looked up to see angels in singing ha… Lovely Youha… Lovely you your lovely face shining star my love forever waiting for you next song is like a dialogue: Qiao Renliang asked fans: "Why are you crying?" "Have you lost your baby?" Fan said: "you now hold tightly, there are too many memories of your smile" fans said: "my heart is trembling for your hot" Qiao Renliang said: "you looked up to see angels in singing" in the accident comes, Qiao Renliang’s song, has been given a lot of "fate" means. For example, the song called "Resurrection" of the single, is the fans know the impossible expectations. There is a song included in the "Pin.K" spell "joke" on the album, although the whole song original is empty on love, but these words seemed clearly in the description by Qiao Renliang depression in the entertainment circle strong reality: sometimes exaggerated only to conceal nervous I told a few jokes I am waiting for scar I think you expose the lies I tell the truth will hurt too much extroversion is actually a kind of camouflage to make a lonely heart drawn by lively how sensational are harmless laugh is the interpretation of the significance of the expression of the pain of another, that said ".相关的主题文章: