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What kind of home appliances can have pricing power? The change of Sohu’s science and technology is the history of human progress. It has a history of thousands of years. Economic growth mainly comes from three forces: population growth, money, and technological innovation. Today, the world’s population into the aging, monetary easing has also been the era of negative interest rates, the first two for the next thirty years, the economic growth of the pulling force will become smaller and smaller. Scientific and technological progress will become the first factor of long-term economic growth. From the invention of the steam engine, to the popularity of the train, telephone, television, and the emergence of computers, in today’s mobile internet. The next scientific and technological progress is the wave of intelligent hardware. Appliance industry has begun a wave of intelligence, soft and hard combination of business model, product innovation. Intelligent home appliances has become a standardized market allocation. The rise of the middle class has led to another huge change in consumer spending is the rise of the middle class. According to McKinsey’s report, China’s middle class is the annual income of 1.15–4.3 million people (corresponding to 7.5–28 million annual salary). The number of people from 5 million in 2000, to the development of today’s 225 million. It is expected to increase to 275 million by 2020, which will exceed the sum of the population of europe. It also makes great sense to the study of Chinese middle class. After the rise of the middle class, will pay more attention to quality, rather than price. In home appliance consumption, the future must be a high-end brand and quality experience to replace the past cheap and durable model. What kind of home appliances will have pricing power? Household appliances industry over the past twenty years has experienced more and more standardized product cycles. From the beginning of the real estate cycle, the overall demand for home appliances continues to grow, but because of the entire manufacturing industry, the homogenization of technology, household appliances over the past ten years into almost completely standardized era. In the standardization process, the price has become the core of the purchase criteria. However, actually born casarte this brand in the process. From inception to today, casarte always adhere to high-end line, never to the price war to compete. The refrigerator casarte long-term price several times higher than similar products, behind its continuous innovation, the introduction of high-quality home appliances. Casarte is one of the earliest launch refrigerators, washing from the 100 thousand level to improve millions of preferred washing machine 25 kinds of personal care program. In addition to outside technology, designed to capture casarte to the art of the middle-class taste. Home appliances are very important home, the need to match the entire family and decoration style. From the growth path, casarte and traditional domestic manufacturing road opposite. To scientific and technological innovation, artistic design, brand awareness to obtain pricing. 2016 "design." – casarte "design 100 on September 9th in Shanghai at redtown casarte Creative Park, and will hold an industrial design forum. Artistic design has been casarte gene. In fact, the design of excellent products for the industry is often a disruptive effect. One of the most typical example is apple phone. The first iPhone phone will be simple to do.相关的主题文章: