When the mother breast-feeding baby sleepy nose oozing of blood – Sohu maternal death oboni

When the mother breast-feeding baby sleep and bleeding occurred in Hongkong with sudden infant death tragedy death – Sohu mother recently, born only 26 days baby boy, am from novice mothers with breastfeeding, mothers suspected sleepy sleep, 1 hours after waking up, found bosom son nose bleeding coma, the hospital does not treat, initially the baby does not exclude nose compression caused by asphyxia. Mother grief holding the dead child’s hand, with the corpse kept crying. Local police said, do not rule out maternal sleepy leaned forward, and pressed the baby’s body may also lead to suffocation, because the baby vomit milk respiratory tract blockage Zhaohuo, pending an autopsy to verify the true cause of death. Some experts pointed out that the newborn baby milk frequent, if breastfeeding, mothers are more likely to think tired, family members can share after feeding, let women rest free from overwork. Baby, can be placed in a vertical body protection chair, the suction when feeding the air outflow, free milk back and respiratory tract obstruction. Similar incidents of sudden infant death occurred more frequently, how do mothers usually reduce the risk of sudden death of the baby? 1 go to bed and stay on the back. Baby can lie awake for a while, but parents should pay close attention to. Don’t let the baby lying on the side, because this baby is likely to be turned into prone position during sleep, increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. 2 different rooming in bed. The study found that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome increased by 40% in the same bed, while the same room for mother and child would help reduce the risk of sids. 3 nipples can reduce risk. A theory that helps to prevent the baby pacifier to turn over the prone position. Another theory is that the baby pacifier can make my tongue forward, to keep the airway open. 4 prevent the baby from overheating. The room temperature should be moderate to avoid overheating. At the same time do not give the baby wrapped in too much clothing when sleeping. 5 stay away from smoking. The study found that mothers who smoked during pregnancy increased the risk of death by 3 times. The more smokers at home, the greater the risk of sudden infant death. The baby should be timely to avoid air pollution indoor ventilation.相关的主题文章: