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The woman was bitten by a hotel hospital: wake up in the middle of bed bug – ten Sohu located in Baoan news Xixiang Jin Lu Ya Feng Yuan Traders Hotel. Shenzhen evening news November 20th, the middle of the night in the hotel room to sleep well, suddenly felt something crawling on the body, lights a look, found on the bed there are a dozen large and small insects. This panic scene took place in a serious business trip to ms.. In November 16th, Ms. Yan in Baoan Xixiang Jin Lu Ya Feng Yuan Traders Hotel accommodation, hotel bed by ten bug bit a little red. Yan was bitten by the wound. Ms. Yan told reporters, in November 15th, she from Fujian travel to Shenzhen, also went to Xixiang to visit the old classmates, the night chose not far from the students home Ya Feng Yuan Traders Hotel occupancy. In the evening, Ms. Yan to see what seems to be black on the bed, but because too tired, she did not care too much. 16 evening, Ms. Yan continued in the hotel for a night. Just when Ms. Yan went to sleep, but felt something wrong. "There’s something crawling up and down, itchy and painful." So, Ms. Yan opened the room lights, flash lights, Ms. Yan was scared silly. There were a few bugs crawling on her arms and legs, and there were a lot of the same kinds of insects on the sheets and pillows. According to Ms. Yan introduced, she was more than the body was bitten by insects on the night, played a lot of red dots. Bugs on the hotel bed. The Shenzhen zoo animal expert Mr. Lu identification, Ms. Yan bitten by insects is commonly known as the "bug", the south is very common pests, it will suck the blood of warm blooded animal and man. Was bitten that night, Ms. Yan also rushed to the hospital for treatment. At present, Yan Yan body itch symptoms eased, the body is not affected. November 19th, late evening news reporter contacted the person in charge of the hotel mr.. Mr. Qu said, in fact, around November 2nd, they have found the room there are some bugs, they immediately find disinfection company to deal with the bugs. Around November 12th, the hotel sent people to check the room, did not find living adults, so open the room. But I did not expect that about 16 occurred on such a thing. Mr. Qu said, this is the hotel’s responsibility, they also expressed regret for the guests, have other rooms are examined, yet found a similar situation. Mr. Qu also explained that their hotel health standard is in accordance with the requirements of the hotel in the end to do, a month will be 4 times disinfection work. It is reported that in November 17th, Xixiang health supervision institute has been involved in the investigation, and the coordination of the hotel party reached a settlement with Ms. Yan, finally agreed to the hotel from Ms. Yan in the hotel all consumption, and bear the medical expenses.相关的主题文章: