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The women’s online shopping in the "ghost shop" to 700 yuan after being pulled black – Beijing Daily News August 26th online shopping often people may find that in Taobao, often there will be some "strange" shops and commodities — "no goods only for appreciation", "more details please see WeChat" moreover, no specific product details. This is not for the purpose of the transaction, Taobao windows, released purely when "advertising" shop called "ghost shop", they tend to lead to the transaction WeChat, QQ and other platforms, and then selling fraud, evade supervision. Recently, there is a city public encounter "ghost shop" cheated in the shoe store. Not long ago, Ms. Chen Bingcheng public phase of a pair of shoes when shopping, but many stores are not her code. She found a brand purchasing shop in Taobao, but the details of this pair of shoes, but only left a store owner micro signal. The shopkeeper want to consult her, she said WeChat owner by linking more convenient, Ms. Chen will be with WeChat. The shopkeeper said to Ms. Chen to prevent the payment of postage fee and purchasing a total of more than 700 yuan run single, will inform her before delivery. Ms. Chen to the other side of the bank account to provide the purchase price, and so on the three or four day the other party did not move, she went to ask, the other said that this pair of shoes out badly, to run a lot of places to find, so Ms Chan to continue. After four days, Ms. Chen would like to ask each other, and found himself being pulled black. It is understood that, such as Ms Chan received a lot of harm to the advertising goods. Alibaba, the relevant person in charge, the recent discovery of many of this ghost shop, advertising goods, a serious impact on consumer shopping safety. Taobao decided to punish the seller in this case is particularly serious cheating shop supervision punishment, has now screened a large number of ghost shops, these shops, the number of advertising goods up to more than 14000 pieces. Alibaba responsible person suggested that consumers shopping in Taobao, try to use their official chat tools and payment platform, they can be regulated. (Tang Wenwen)相关的主题文章: