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Guangdong sampling hundred shoes 5 substandard brands such as XTEP Adidas in Information Times News (reporter Guo Suying correspondent Guangdong business) yesterday, Guangdong province Industrial and Commercial Bureau announced sampling results of Guangdong Province circulation sports shoes the quality of goods, a number of substandard shoes was revealed, the unqualified rate was 50%. Among them, red dragonfly, XTEP, BASTO, Adidas, ERKE, Besto hongxingerke new balance, Jordan Qiao Dan, 361 and other well-known brands are impressively. According to the introduction, in the 6 prefecture level cities such as Zhuhai, Shantou, Huizhou, Maoming, Qingyuan and Jieyang, 100 sports shoes sold by 25 distributors were involved, involving 43 manufacturers. After examination, 50 sports shoes were judged to be totally unqualified, and the other 50 sports shoes samples were not found to be unqualified, and the unqualified rate was 50%. It is reported that compared with the previous year’s inspection and inspection of the quality of sports shoes in the circulation sector of the province, the failure rate of sports shoes sampling is decreasing year by year, from 67.1% in 2013-2014 to 50% in the 2015-2016 year, which has decreased 17.1 percentage points. Guangdong provincial industry and Commerce Bureau responsible person introduced, "the sneakers in the supermarket failed to detect the highest rate of disqualification, reaching 66.7%; the disqualification rate of shopping malls and self-employed households was 23.8% and 52.7% respectively." 6 shoes easy to fade the health hazards of the unqualified list, this sampling has 6 products lining and pad rubbing fastness unqualified, involving 5 brands, namely "BASTO Besto", "HIMuomo", "newto NIUTOU PAI". It is understood that the shoe lining and pad rubbing fastness poor shoes during use, subjected to physical friction in perspiration environment, dyes easily fall off and fade, not only affects the appearance, but also easy to stain socks, even loss of dye molecules or metal ions may be absorbed through the skin and endanger human health. 4 kinds of sports shoes do not wear in addition, this sampling of 4 commercial folding substandard performance, involving 3 brands, including "RED DRAGONFLY Red Dragonfly shoes etc.. Folding performance is the comprehensive quality index of footwear products in life, folding substandard performance easily in the process of wearing shoes sole fracture, crack pulp uppers, crack surface, bottom and bottom wall open help etc.. The 44 shoe label is not qualified. There are 44 items in the sampling inspection, which do not conform to the standard requirements, involving 25 brands, many of which are well-known brands. Such as PLAYBOY, Adidas, ERKE, new balance, Jordan Qiao hongxingerke dan. The reasons for the unqualified marks are mainly that some producers and distributors are vague, incomprehensie, and incomprehensiable to the labeling requirements. They have a smattering of labeling requirements, intentionally or unintentionally miss the mark or mismark. Know more about D buy sports shoes look, smell, touch measure: 1. the purchase of the first shoes smell taste, if the purchase should be carefully smell heavy, try to buy some no smell or smell less shoes. 2. first look at the packing bag and the shoe help material, choose the product that the mark is complete as far as possible. Second, look at the shoes and the box on the shoe and the shoe type, recognize whether it is consistent with your own requirements, annotated or unlabeled as far as possible not to buy. 3. see shoe material is delicate texture, uniform color, you can use wet cloth to wipe the shoes, do not fade.

粤抽检百款运动鞋5成不合格 特步adidas等品牌在列   信息时报讯 (记者 郭苏莹 通讯员 粤工商) 昨日,广东省工商局公布对广东省内流通领域运动鞋商品质量进行的抽检结果,一批不合格运动鞋被曝光,抽检不合格率为50.0%。其中,红蜻蜓、特步、BASTO百思图、adidas、ERKE 鸿星尔克、new balance、乔丹Qiao dan、361°等知名品牌都赫然在列。   据介绍,此次在珠海、汕头、惠州、茂名、清远、揭阳等6个地级市共抽取了25家经销单位的100款运动鞋商品,涉及生产企业43家。经检验有50款运动鞋商品被判定为监督总体不合格,其他50款运动鞋商品样本未发现不合格,抽检不合格率为50.0%。   据悉,对比上年度全省流通领域运动鞋商品质量抽查检验情况,运动鞋商品抽检不合格率逐年降低,从2013-2014年度的67.1%降至2015-2016年度的50.0%,降低了17.1个百分点。广东省工商局相关负责人介绍,“本次运动鞋抽检在超市不合格发现率最高,达到66.7%;商场和个体户的不合格发现率分别为23.8%和52.7%”。   6款鞋易褪色危害健康   抽检不合格榜单显示,本次抽检有6款商品衬里和内垫摩擦色牢度不合格,涉及5个品牌,分别为“BASTO 百思图”、“HIMuomo”、“牛头牌 NIUTOU PAI”等。   据了解,鞋里和内垫摩擦色牢度差的鞋子在使用过程中,在汗渍环境下经受物理摩擦作用,染料容易脱落和褪色,不仅影响美观,而且易沾污袜子,甚至脱落的染料分子或重金属离子可能通过皮肤被人体吸收而危害人体健康。   4款运动鞋不耐穿   此外,本次抽检有4款商品耐折性能不合格,涉及3个品牌,包括“RED DRAGONFLY 红蜻蜓”等鞋产品。耐折性能是鞋类产品穿着寿命的综合质量指标,耐折性能不合格的鞋在穿着过程中容易发生鞋底断裂,帮面裂浆、裂面,帮底、底墙开胶等问题。   44款鞋标示不合格   本次抽检有44款商品标示项目不符合标准要求,涉及品牌25个,其中不乏知名品牌的身影。如PLAYBOY、adidas、ERKE 鸿星尔克、new balance、乔丹 Qiao dan等。   标示不合格的原因主要是部分生产者、经销者对标注要求认识模糊不清、领会不深、理解不透,对标注要求一知半解,有意或无意漏标、错标。   知多D   买运动鞋三招:闻、看、摸   1.购买时首先闻一下鞋子的味道,如果刺激性气味很重时应小心购买,尽量选购一些无气味或气味较少的鞋子。   2.选购时首先看包装袋及鞋帮材料,尽量选择标志齐全的商品。其次看鞋子上和包装盒上标注的鞋号和鞋型,认清是否与自己的要求相符,标注模糊不清或未标注的尽量不买。   3.看鞋里材料是否触感细腻、色泽均匀,可能的话用湿润的白布轻擦鞋里,不掉色为佳。相关的主题文章: