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One group president Yang Weidong Ali served as music CEO – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, September 19, (Zhao Xiaoyan) 19 days, following the video after the Alibaba big entertainment group leader Yu Yongfu published an open letter inside, Ali confirmed that former chairman Gao Xiaosong has served as chairman of the music entertainment Ali strategy committee, Song Ke Ali became chairman of music Ali, Yang Weidong served as music CEO — which also marks the three months after the "meridian through", another section of the big fist Ali entertainment to music as entertainment arts section of the core business, the dream will play a strong momentum, catalytic innovation. Lenovo had sent Gao Xiaosong a few days ago micro-blog, described as "transoceanic aircraft lost crayfish, can only sit tight plum" experience, he was already visible bear "responsible for Alibaba Entertainment International strategy mission, began a new journey of internationalization. Internal open letter display, Ali music original CEO Song Ke will take office as chairman of Ali music, Ali music business is responsible for the business and innovation. At the same time, with the Big Ali entertainment strategy is increasingly clear, its organizational structure and strategic layout also shows that "poly" potential. In order to speed up the opening up of audio-visual resources and platforms, one group (Youku potatoes) President Yang Weidong will serve as Ali music CEO. Ali al entertainment leading group secretary general Zhang Yu (Yuyan) will assist Yang Weidong work, complete the relevant strategic coordination and team pull through. Yu Yongfu said this, the above decision is based on the core of the group is accelerating the construction of entertainment, and take into account the needs of large entertainment audio-visual media matrix development. Time back to 3 months ago in June 15th, double H to accelerate the development of the Alibaba group (health and happiness) strategy, Ali group CEO Zhang Yong (happy child) announced the formal establishment of the "Alibaba big entertainment forum, the forum include Alibaba owned by Ali pictures, one group (Youku potatoes), Ali music, sports, games, UC Ali Ali, Ali literature and digital entertainment division, the purpose is to make young people more happy sunshine"". Get big entertainment forum management authorized Yu Yongfu then proposed cultural entertainment strategy "focus on the first stage is to complete the" three links ", namely information, talent, and ultimately achieve a strategic pass, forming a common map ”." (end)相关的主题文章: