Yunnan, a school 7 students kneel on the podium to respond to the school because of limited space-masa-c

A school in Yunnan 7 students kneel shoot award photos school response because of the limited space – Beijing JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wu Hongli) micro-blog broke the news yesterday, winning Yunnan Panlong District of Kunming city primary school students in Dongzhuang photo, 7 students with a kneeling on the ground. Image triggered users controversy. The principal of the school responded that the photos for the award after shooting in the office, restricted by space, some students kneel. Panlong District of Kunming City Bureau of Education said that the school has received the report, then put forward opinions. Recently, the "live Yunnan" released micro-blog, Panlong District of Kunming city primary school held a "Dian Chiqing Kunming Dong Zhuang Xing" activity in the school newspaper. The school announced the winning photo, a student holding the certificate, kneeling on the ground. From micro-blog pictures can be seen, a total of 23 students winning. 16 students stand in the back, the other 7 students with a smile, holding a certificate, kneeling in the front row. After the release of micro-blog users concern. Some netizens said, what kind of awards have to let the children kneel on the award, the child does not know anything, does not mean that the children will not have dignity". But there are also some netizens said that this is really wrong, but there may be hidden, "the teacher just wanted to let the children in front cover to the back of the students, but not only pose is not what the teacher, should be malicious, the smiling faces of children enough to explain everything." Yesterday afternoon, reporters call the Kunming city panlongqu Dong Zhuang primary school, the school principal officials have denied Yan let the children kneel to receive. She said that the photo was taken on November 7th after the newspaper awards, "the children held after the awards ceremony in the playground after very happy, in the part of the office for the teacher took this photo. The office space is limited, the students are divided into three rows, the teacher had to let the first row of children squat, but the children are kneeling down to shoot." The school has released the contents of the activities within the WeChat public number, and upload the photo. Because of the controversy, the photos have been deleted. Yan said the principal, the teacher has to apologize for this photo, but she did not malicious, we will do the work better in the future better". Yesterday afternoon, Kunming Panlong District Education Bureau Party committee office staff said, has received the relevant report of Dong Zhuang primary school, the Education Bureau will put forward opinions.相关的主题文章: